10 Baby Boomer Songs That are Still Alive and Kicking

The Baby Boomer generation witnessed music making at its very best. Anyone who was born between 1946 and 1964 knows their radio exploded with the sounds of every conceivable style. Pop music flourished, with melodies ranging from sweet and catchy to funky and psychedelic. A number of Baby Boomer songs became so popular they went on to be covered by other artists who had the ability to put a different spin on each tune. Here are 10 songs guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


1) “Dancing in the Street”

Martha and the Vandellas’ 1964 song got everyone out in the street and up on the dance floor. The fun-loving, happy-go-lucky tune that asked everyone to run outside and start dancing gained popular again when it was covered by the rock group Van Halen in 1982.
2) “Twist and Shout”

The Top Notes’ 1961 dance song makes everyone feel like letting loose. This tune’s happy, positive message was probably what captured the interest of The Beatles when they remade it 2 years later in 1963.
3) “Tainted Love”

Gloria Jones let everyone know that a bad love affair can be poisonous to the heart in her 1964 rendition of this Baby Boomer classic.  But it was new wave Soft Cells that had the cure when their moody techno version became a chart blockbuster back in 1981.
4) “Hound Dog”

Big Mama Thornton let everyone know that acting like a hound dog will only get you in trouble, when she released this catchy tune back in 1953. But it took some hip swiveling and the voice of Elvis Presley to make it a blockbuster hit with the Baby Boomers back in 1956.
5) “I Put A Spell On You”


Screamin’ Jay Hawkins had first dibs at “I Put a Spell On You,” back in 1956. But it was Credence Clearwater Revival’s remake that gave the song an extra touch of magic, when they released their version in 1968.


“La Bamba”

6) Ritchie Valens’ rock classic “La Bamba” may have achieved popularity when it was first released in 1958 but the song gained a whole new legion of fans when it was covered by the group Los Lobos in 1987 for the movie “La Bamba,” which depicted Valens’ short life and tragic end.
7) “Real Wild Child”

When Johnny O’Keefe and the Deejays came out with their 1958 rock classic, there was no way they could have possibly predicted that prolific punk-rocker Iggy Pop’s 1986 remake would show them what a real wild child looked like.
8) “Stay”

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs’ mesmerizing hit, “Stay” may have captured the sound and feeling of love and yearning in 1964, but Jackson Browne’s 1977 live version took it in a different direction; encapsulating the sometimes lonely life of a touring musician.
9) “Time is on my Side”

Irma Thomas was the original voice behind this 1964 classic, which wound up gaining status as a true hit with a hint of the blues when the single was performed by the Rolling Stones that same year.
10) “Sea of Love”

Phil Phillips’ romantic ballad was the perfect song for a slow dance when it first came out back in 1959. Twenty-five years later, The Honey Drippers put their own spin on the this ballad when they covered it in 1984.

Ok, now you have ten great songs to get the ball rolling. It’s time for you to break out your old LP’s and 45’s and find a few more from that awesome musical era, or try making it a family game to come up with the next ten fantastic remakes!
J.C. Scott is a baby-boomer, and an avid blogger and Mac gamer. He believes everyone should try gaming on a Mac at least once because of the amazing graphics—it’s like being back in the 70’s! A cool place to start is download games for Mac, including card games for Mac.

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