10 Memorable Animal Breakouts

Sometimes, animals just aren’t content with their lot in life. Whether they’re locked up in a zoo or part of a traveling circus, some animals hit a point and decide ‘enough is enough’ and make a break for it. Now, for your amusement, here are 10 of the most famous animal breakout stories on earth:

1. Egyptian Cobra at the Bronx Zoo

Egyptian cobra

A snake with deadly venom that can kill a person within 15 minutes of a bite – it was this particular breed of snake that escaped the Bronx Zoo in New York, much to the terror of the staff. The Egyptian cobra got out of the reptile enclosure leaving everyone in the area on guard and just waiting for the slithering fiend to get hungry and make itself known.  Luckily, it had a Twitter account…

2. Bruno the Orangutan


Bruno was an orangutan at the Los Angeles Zoo. He was 29 years old and apparently didn’t feel like staying in his enclosure anymore. He broke through the netting and prompted an evacuation of the entire area as the staff searched for him on zoo grounds.

3. Tatiana the Siberian Tiger


Tatiana was a Siberian tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. She got out of her enclosure somehow. People still don’t know how she managed it. However, once she got out, she mauled two men. It’s unclear as to whether or not these men were taunting her, but it’s a tragedy in any case.

4. Nine Monkeys Flee the Lab


Animal testing labs are known for their tight security, but that didn’t stop nine monkeys that slipped out of the lab at Oregon Health & Sciences University. It took hours to track them down.

5. Susie and Bunny – The Circus Elephants



Two Asian elephants by the names of Susie and Bunny got out of their enclosure while the Garden Bros Circus was on a rest stop somewhere in Toronto, Canada. The two elephants roamed free for a few hours, leaving the third elephant in the act back in the pen asleep. They were captured and returned to the circus without incident.

6. Ichiro the Chimpanzee


Ichiro the chimp was advanced in age when he slipped out of a door that had been left open at the Ishikawa Zoo in Japan. He was caught and placed back in his enclosure, but before being captured, he grabbed a tranquilizer gun out of a guard’s hand!

7. Molly the Cow


Molly has had quite a life. The cow managed to escape a slaughterhouse in Queens, New York, wander along a highway and dodge cars that passed by for a mile before it was captured over an hour later. After all she’d been through, Molly was given over to animal control by the slaughterhouse and she now resides in an animal sanctuary.

8. Karta the Orangutan


Yet another orangutan made it onto our list. Karta was a 27-year old female orangutan at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia. She placed a stick in the wires of the electric fence, stacked up twigs and debris and climbed over the glass and concrete wall to escape. Karta sat perched on the fence for over 30 minutes then climbed back inside on her own.

9. Chuva the Macaw


Chuva was a blue and gold macaw at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. She apparently got tired of her situation and escaped the confines of the zoo by taking advantage of her “out of cage” time in the outdoor parrot gardens. Even though her wings were clipped, she got out of the gardens and into the parking lot, snuck inside an RV and made it 20 miles away before she was found.

10. Juan the Bear


Juan was a bear living in the Berlin Zoo. He was apparently tired of the quiet life and escaped. However, how he did it is what’s impressive. To get past the moat that surrounded his enclosure, Juan hopped on a decorative log in the moat and used it as a raft to paddle to the other side. No one was hurt and Juan was returned to his enclosure without incident.

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