10 Places to Get Free E-Books for Kindle, Nook, and Sony Readers

With the growing popularity of reading devices such as the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Readers, more and more people are looking for free e-books to download. Fortunately, the web hosts many virtual libraries for readers to do just that–read for free! This article lists some tried and true sites where the best selections of free e-books can be found.

FreeKindleBooksIf classic titles your cup of tea, this site is for you. Featured here are thousands of free classic selections for the Kindle in MOBI and PRC formats. All e-books are “shelved” by author, making it simple to find what you’re looking for.

Barnes & NobleIf you are a Nook owner, you might be surprised to learn that Barnes & Noble offers several free e-books on their site. Unfortunately, you can’t search for a specific e-book by the title or author–the upside is the free selections are all grouped together, so you can browse several pages of titles to see what they have available.

Google BooksSony has partnered with Google Books to make more than 1 million free e-books available to everyone who owns a Sony Reader. Available books are from the public domain and include a wide range of classics. You can usually access multiple versions of each e-book–abridged and unabridged, illustrated and not illustrated, etc. To access the free books from Google, you must first download the Reader Library software, which is also available at no cost.

Project GutenbergHere you can find more than 33,000 e-books for the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Readers. This site has several search options–e-books can be found by author, title, keyword search, or category. After you’ve made a selection, choose the format compatible to your particular reader.

ManyBooks.netHosting a comprehensive collection of more than 29,000 e-books, this site has something for everyone. All e-books are free, and can be formatted for the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Readers as well as a handful of other e-reader devices. Searches can be done by author, title, or genre. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, why not browse their new and featured titles? Different e-books are showcased each week making this a very popular site.

BookyardsBookyards aims to be “The Library to the World,” and they do deliver! With 800,000 e-books to choose from, they really live up to their mission statement. This site offers several search functions and keeps readers current by featuring new and popular titles.


BibliotasticBy registering for a free account, the reader can download unlimited free e-books with formats for the Kindle, Nook, and Sony readers. This site features e-books by independent authors, making this a great site to find fresh reading material. You can browse books by genre, or check out new and highly rated e-books on the homepage.

BookRixBookRix offers a library of more than 14,000 e-books that can be downloaded to the Nook and Sony readers. Each e-book on this site is by an independent author, and there are a variety of genres to choose from. Each selection has the number of pages posted by it, so if you don’t have time to read an entire novel, you can easily find a variety of short stories instead. This is a great place to find new and “undiscovered” writers! When you’ve finished reading an e-book, you can rate and review it to help other readers decide if it’s worth checking out.

MunseysIf you are looking for a title that is a bit harder to find, try this site. This online library features 20,000 plus e-books that can be downloaded in several formats including the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Readers. There are more than 35 genres to choose from, and book browsing is easy–you can key in a title, author, or tag to find specific e-books.

MobileRead – MobileRead is an online community for “mobile geeks.” The site is a great place to find free e-books in any genre. E-books are available in multiple formats and can be downloaded quickly and easily. You can also get e-book recommendations from the MobileRead Forums and vote for your favorite e-books. There is no cost to become a member of MobileRead and no obligation to buy anything at a later time.

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  1. http://fdbooks.net – Best place to get free ebooks :)

  2. Thanks for this – another great place for free Kindle downloads is http://www.freeebooksforkindles.com happy reading

  3. If I may add one more site to find books for Kindle, iPad or Nook, in PDF format: http://findpdf.net it is a search engine for ebooks and manuals with more than 200 million books to search and own database of 40000 books and articles, share, read online or download free. Hope this helps (you can include it in your list). Cheers

  4. Thanks for the list. There should be plenty of choice from that little lot!
    You could make it a top ten by including Amazon’s Kindle store itself. They have about 1.8 million out-of-copyright books available for free. Great if you like classics.

  5. Try http://www.ebooks4kindles.com – another gem with 1000s of free ebooks

  6. Try http://www.ebooks4kindles.com – a real gem with 1000s of titles and all for free

  7. Thanks! Many good sites. Here’s one more:


  8. Hey don’t forget about amazon. http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=2245146011 I like to check out their freebies on ebooks.