10 Stunning Celebrity Bedrooms

Celebrities say they are just like you and me. But take one look at their lavish bedrooms and immaculately designed homes and you have to concede that millions of dollars does make a little bit of a difference when it comes to interior décor. Be it opulent furnishings or a minimalist aesthetic, the not-so-humble abodes of the rich and famous make for delicious eye-candy.

Ten celebrities and celebrity couples are known for their incredible crash pads. Check them out.

1. Cher, Los Angeles

The neutral palette of Cher’s remodeled, Zen-inspired Las Angeles pad reflects the singer’s desire for a room that is “easy to live with.” But neutral in no way means boring: the bedroom is furnished with a 16the century opium bed and Far East-inspired architecture. Cher’s room is open to the rest of the house as a part of her one-giant-room floor plan.

2. Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore, Beverly Hills

The organic quality to the Kutcher/Moore master bedroom is its most striking feature; both actors were looking for maximum exposure to the outdoors. Not to worry that early-morning rays (or snooping paparazzi) will keep Ms Moore from her beauty sleep, though: the many windows are outfitted with black-out curtains.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick, Hamptons

SJP and Matthew Broderick’s Hamptons master bedroom is full of bright whites and little pops of color – the perfect way to cool off after a long day at the beach. The room is a mixture of posh and perfunctory, with a trend-forward mirrored vanity from Glam Furniture next to simple, white IKEA curtains. Don’t spill!

4. Mariah Carey, Manhattan

Old-Hollywood glamour embodies Mariah Carey’s three-story apartment in Tribeca. Luxurious to a fault, the bedroom is covered in plush furniture, light and warm silk fabrics, and sparkling accents. The entire room is done in shades or lavender, pink and apricot per the singer’s wishes, who prefers light pastels to darker hues. And don’t forget the butterflies! Mariah’s designer made it a goal to include butterflies in every room of the house.

5. Gerard Butler, Manhattan

Rustic and old-world, Gerard Butler’s Manhattan loft is replete with dark woods, rich leathers, exposed beams, and brocade. He says his aesthetic is inspired by European travel and vintage coffee shops in New York, and his bedroom showcases rich colors and sumptuous fabrics. It’s a bachelor pad with “Renaissance Man” written all over it.

6. Betsey Johnson, near Ixtapa, Mexico


Fun, flirty and not a little bit kooky, fashion designer Betsey Johnson renovated a former hotel into a wildly colorful beach-side home which went up for sale in 2010. True to the Johnson style, the tropical getaway focuses on fluorescent colors, bold patterns, and swanky accessories. Who knew mosquito nets could be so artsy? This fluorescent green room butts up against another ironically-Johnson bedroom, done only in shades of pink.

7. John Mayer, SoHo

Cool tones and simple decorations give a boost of sophistication to the notorious bachelor. It makes sense: oh-so sophisticated designer and Mayer-pal Giorgio Armani chipped in with design tips and advice for the SoHo loft. The goal was to create a space that was strong without being intimidating – it is rumored that pictures of Mayer as a kid are sprinkled throughout the bedroom and home.

8. Meg Ryan, Martha’s Vineyard

Meg Ryan has owned her house on Martha’s Vineyard since early adulthood, and has settled into her beach-view home. Fresh white is accented with rich, dark woods and bright splashes of purple: the perfect escape from a sweltering Massachusetts summer day.

9. Christina Aguilera, Beverly Hills


Christina’s Wonderland home in Beverly Hills, which is currently on the market, features a bedroom straight out a fairy tale. Intricate wallpaper and bold, contrasting black, pinks, and reds are perfect for a modern-day bombshell. And check out that shag carpet the two-tiered bed platform!

10. Jane Fonda, Atlanta

Jane Fonda’s Atlanta loft has been on the market since mid-2010, and you have to imagine she will miss her whimsical bedroom with its calming colors and clean lines.The fuzzy shag rug graces her custom-made glass fireplace and a fanciful canopy hangs over sparkling, bedazzled bedding. It’s a sophisticated, girly room for a sophisticated, girly lady.

This article was provided by Emma T. who knows a thing or two about down comforters fit for celebrities.

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