10 Stunning DIY Headboards

Complementing your bed with a headboard will always be a great way to dress up your bed and work the style you wish to bring to your bedroom. You can choose your headboard to be made in wood, metal, upholstered fabrics or even leather. But if you would prefer to get a unique piece of furniture for your bedroom without breaking the bank, the best way to do it is still to create your dream headboard yourself.

Don’t panic, you can create a headboard out of almost anything that will fit behind your bed and the height of your ceilings. The main difficulty is to come up with ideas and inspiration that will make the difference and set up a specific mood you like for your bedroom.

The web is a brilliant source of inspiration for design tips and decorating ideas. We have put together this amazing list of the 10 best headboards that DIY enthusiast made themselves. By browsing this list we are confident you will have your own brainwave to customize the perfect headboard that will fit your existing bed.

1 – Shutter headboard

Probably one of the easiest ideas is to reuse an object you like or divert an item from its initial function like in this example below that showcases old shutters turned into a unique piece of furniture. We have seen a lot of similar headboards made from old wooden doors and the results look as amazing.

shutter headboard

Image source

2- Fire place headboard

The length of a fireplace will usually fit the width of a double or a small double bed. If this option doesn’t really work for you as you don’t have a fireplace in your bedroom, you can easily find an antique one in a second hand shop.

fireplace headboard

Image source


3 -Shelf headboard

Both decorative and very functional this headboard is simply made from a distressed piece of wood that was hung on the wall behind the bed. Very little effort for an amazing result that everyone can achieve at home.

shelf headboard

Image source

4 – Chalkboard headboard

If you are keen to change your headboard every time you feel like a change in your bedroom, placing a chalkboard behind your bed will not only beautifully dress up your wall but will allow you to let your imagination run wild and change your headboard whenever you like.

chalkboard headboard

image source

5- Animal print headboard


To create this type of headboard you just need to gather all the frames and paintings you like and arrange them on your wall in such a way it completes your bedroom look.

animal print headboard

Image source

6 -Frame headboard

Rather than a series of different frames from the same theme you can also go for one single and monochromatic image that will act exactly like a headboard.

frame headboard

Image source

7 – Wooden board headboard

Created from small distressed wooden boards or wooden flooring this headboard looks great and immediately brings a vintage mood to the bedroom.

wooden board headboard

image source

8 – Mirror headboard

In order to achieve this dramatic effect the designer has used a mirror that is large enough to cover the entire width of the bed and almost the height of the ceiling. He adds a very light voile on top of that to complete this perfect romantic style.

mirror headboard

image source

9 – Rope headboard

This headboard will require a bit more work than the others featured in this list. To bring the same effect to your bed you just need to wrap a metal headboard with a thick rope until it covers all the bed frame.

rope headboard

image source

10 -Bookshelf headboard

This space saving headboard simply features a bookshelf adjusted to the contours of your bed.

bookshelf headboard

image source

Which of these headboard ideas inspires you the most to create your own headboard?

This list is provided by Wedo Headboards UK, a British headboard online shop.


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2 Responses to 10 Stunning DIY Headboards

  1. This is a great collection of headboards for beds that you can make yourself. I have seen the shutter idea a couple of times before on the internet and I truly love the number 3 which is a very smart idea, so easy to make and looks outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Headboards for Beds

    Great series indeed. I would add 2 other ways to customise/ make a headboard. #11: paint it, #12: drape your current with a drape.