10 Websites to Help Build a Garage

Since the internet is a haven for information on how to do just about anything, anyone interested in taking on a DIY construction project these can probably do so – with or without previous experience.

Garages and sheds are some of the most common buildings that homeowners try to put together on their own because decoration is often minimal and construction is comparatively simple. Of course, the internet is filled with numerous tools and resources on how to accomplish almost any task involved in the process, but in today’s webspace, isn’t that part of the problem? In many cases, finding the tools can be somewhat difficult because of all the different sites out there. For example, did you know that the search term “garage layout planner” in Google returns 2.9 million results? How do you make sense of all those results and find the right one for your needs?

With a little help from experienced contractors in the field of garage building, I’ve been able to find 10 of the best resources on the web to check out before starting garage construction. Some have interactive tools, some have quality information, some have a laundry list of helpful links, and some provide the latest and best information on the industry.

No matter what you’re looking for, many of these sites can help you in the construction of a garage. Enjoy!

1. CB Structures Inc.


This garage builder that services the Mid-Atlantic USA with post frame construction has a garage layout planner that must be viewed and played with before starting any garage or storage related construction project – DIY or professional. Using a layout planner like this insures that the building you’re considering can handle everything you want it to do before you put a single board down. Saving your plan online, printing, and sending directly to the contractors at CB Structures can also be done from this one web-based application.

2. The Garage Journal

As far as blogs go about the world of garages, The Garage Journal takes the cake as the top site. The site is mostly focused on the tools and trade. However, its probably the best place for both pro and amateur grease monkeys to find the best stuff out there for their garages. Maybe not so much for building the garage… but filling the garage, you bet.

3. Go Green Street

An eco-blog may not be the first place you’d think to go when starting a construction project. But if you’re trying to build a garage and build it while respecting the environment, Go Green Street is the place to do your research. The site has a very thorough green construction checklist that breaks down everything someone considering a construction company should ask and verify before choosing a contractor. Every contractor is “going green” these days, but with the help of GoGreenStreet.com, you can find the contractor that best meets your needs for your project if you decide to go pro.

4. The Fun Times Guide to Log Homes


Fun Times Guide has a thorough list of resources (19 links!) that assemble great facts about garages in homes today. The article is a little dated today (published in February 2007) but many of the links go to pages that are always useful.

5. DIY Network



These days, is a person able to complete a DIY project without the help of the DIY Network? The main garages page at DIYNetwork.com contains a plethora of how-to’s on organization, shelving, insulation and more. Anyone turning their garage into a manspace will definitely want to check out their article with tips on how to build the ULTIMATE Man Cave.

6. National Frame Builders Association


The resources on the NFBA site may be a little too advanced for novices attempting to venture on a build for the first time. But for experienced post frame engineers (or engineers at heart) someone attempting a garage build should check out the NFBA’s Diaphragm and Frame Interaction Calculator (DAFI) for designing buildings to meet specific load requirements.

7. Gladiator Garage Works


Gladiator Garage Works by Whirlpool produces a line of products for inside the garage and not for the physical construction of the garage. However, the website does have an extensive Plan Your Garage section that includes tips for cleaning a garage, planning a garage remodel, and a blueprint estimator similar to what is found at CB Structures Inc.

8. Toolbarn


Similar to Gladiator Garage Works, Toolbarn.com is an online hardware retailer. This article on how to organize a garage is great because it can assist in your planning for a build and also give stellar advice on how to put store everything once interior design has been completed.

9. Concrete Network


Since most garages aren’t built with a dirt floor in mind, Concrete Network has put together a great list of resources for garage flooring and floor coatings. This page on Concrete Network has articles and videos with tips for designing, installing, cleaning, and “greening” garage floors. Also, should you decide to consult a professional, they can also put you in touch with contractors for the job, too.

10. wikiHow


Because most DIY jobs are for constructing pole barns, this wikiHow page that details how to build a pole barn should be useful for anyone beginning a pole barn build. WikiHow provides a step by step how to that can be edited by any of its users. This page of wikiHow also includes helpful resources from other websites to help you make sure your pole barn (or building) is put together safely and correctly.

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