21 Funny Christmas Card Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and you may be debating whether or not to send out Christmas Cards or Holiday Greetings.  There’s postage to consider, and the time it takes to address them, write personal greetings in them, and whether, after the year you’ve had, if you really have anything nice to say to anybody about anything.  Submitted for your amusement are several funny holiday cards past, bizarre holiday greetings, and funny Christmas cards to make you laugh, and maybe give you some ideas. Which funny Christmas card is your favorite?

ThePaper Christmas Cards

Hey Cowgirl

cowgirl christmas card

Yee Haw!

Santa Flies

flying santa

Reindeer, apparently, are jerks.

Bill O’Reilly is a Christmasy Dude

christmas bill oreilly

Nothing Says Christmas Like Guns

dog holding gun

Or, rather, nothing says Christmas like a dog holding a gun and looking sad.

More Evidence Reindeer are Jerks

santa stuck in chimney

Social media  + Reindeer = Mega Jerks

Krampus Wishes


In Austria, Krampus is the guy who visits along with St. Nicholas.  While St. Nicholas gives presents to the good little boys and girls, Krampus tortures the bad little children.  Yeah.

Monkeys Like Christmas Too

Monkey-Puzzle christmas card

It’s just so weird.

Homemade is Great

homemade gothic

I’m sure her parents are so proud.

Goth and Christmas?

dark christmas

The girl in the photo before may have made this card, eh?

Corporate Cards Have So Much Soul


These animals are dancing because you spend money with our company.  Sweet.

The Christmas E Cards

Marketing Buzzwords


marketing buzzwords


White People

white christmas

that has an enormous sled that you all ride down the hill on while smiling.

Christmas Party

christmas party

At least try to wait until you get home.


gin soaked rage


Holiday Wishes

holiday wishes

And I still won’t tell you if I am or not.

Holiday Bonus


Next year, working on Christmas will be the new Christmas bonus.


homless shelter

And then we can talk about giving money to charity but spend it on pedicures.

Christmas Lights


Two words – surge protectors.

Holiday Cheer



Gift Giving

the gift you told me to buy

This is what it’s like at my house.

Not Funny

santa joke

Santa is such a jokester.

Got a funny Christmas card to share? Add a link in the comments. Thanks.

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