5 $200 Android Apps That Do the Same Thing: Absolutely Nothing

For every incredible Android app there are innumerable worthless pieces of software floating around the Android marketplace waiting to be downloaded. Many are free and therefore harmless so long as there isn’t any malware attached. Some cost a dollar or two and are a little more regrettable. Yet, some take the cake as the most pointless apps that could ever be downloaded: costly wares with just enough sophistication to declare that the person who purchased them must be wealthy.

The following is a list of five Android apps only the rich and stupid are ever going to buy:

1. The Richest by Demand2K

The Richest

For $199.99 you have the privilege of making it onto Demand2K’s “wall of the richest people.” You even get to write your own message. This can later be accessed for as long as you have the app on your phone.

2. I’m Rich Man by Edem

Im a Rich Man

This time for $199.99 you get to “prove to people you know a lot about money” by getting to carry around images of bars of gold on your 4G Slide Android phone. Impress anyone dumb enough to be impressed by that, which is sadly a high number of people.

3. 199 Diamond by Douglasinfoweb

199 diamond


This comes with two options. There’s the $99 diamond, which includes the self-esteem booster “Yeah – you’re rich!” But that doesn’t come close to the inspiration found through downloading the $199 diamond which includes the declaration “OMG! You’re Bill Gates!”

4. Diamond Club Black by kXm Interactive

Diamond Club Black

“Look at me, I’m rich” is the tagline for this $200 app that also includes a diamond to display to others. The developer is also responsible for the “Justin Bieber Sampler” so if you’re interested in donating to evil entities, this is your app.

5. Got Cash? by Vishnu Menon

got cash

At least this one is honest and calls itself “useless.” With that said the folks who put this app together didn’t even bother to make it pretty or interesting. Unlike the following four this one has a single review: five out of five stars. For such a contribution to society, Vishnu Menon totally deserves it.

If you have plenty of money to blow…then please, spend it on something other than useless apps that exist only for their own excess! Give it to charity or something, or put that money towards some worthwhile Android app development.

One final note: Unlike the Apple App Store there’s a price limit of $200.00 on the Android Marketplace. Relatively speaking that’s not too bad.


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