5 Amazing Tree Hotels

It’s a tree! It’s a house! It’s… a hotel?! Your darn right it is. Unusual hotels of the world come in many forms, but if you’re looking to relive the excitement of your childhood treehouses, stay in a forest and support eco-friendly design, a tree hotel might just be your ideal getaway. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most amazing tree hotels in the history of humanity. Each offers incredible views, the chance to reconnect with nature and the comforts you want on a vacation – and is sure to be an experience you’ll cherish and remember for years to come.

Tarangire TreeTops, Tanzania


TreeTops is a safari lodge located on the border of Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. The luxury hotel has an infinity pool and “tree homes” built around live trees. Elite and natural, eco-friendly and lavish, TreeTops is a memorable experience not just because of the wildlife or the tree house but an exotic, luxurious combination of the two.

Woodpecker Hotel, Sweden


Without a doubt one of the most unusual hotels in the world, the Woodpecker Hotel is not just located 13 meters high in a 130-year old oak tree, it’s also one of the smallest hotels in the world, accommodating only 1 person or couple at a time. Climbing up to the hotel is quite an experience in itself, but staying in it, with a view of the surrounding park and nearby Lake Malaren, is the closest you can come to getting a real bird’s eye view!

Vyithiri Resort, Kerala



Located in an evergreen, mountainous rain forest known for its coffee, tea and cardamom plantations, the Vyithiri tree house has just four double rooms in two tree houses, and 500 acres of private forest around it. The tree houses are at a height of 90 feet and made of environment-friendly and ethnic materials, with a cane lift transport and numerous forest activities to boot.

Cedar Creek Treehouse, USA


Another unusual travel destination, and not just for the trees, Cedar Creek Treehouse is located in the beautiful Mt. Rainier area and offers amazing views from the hotel and an adjacent observatory, also located in a tree. The house is located 50 feet above ground in a giant Red Cedar tree, with skylights for stargazing at night and a soothing creek nearby, and is ideally suited for a romantic getaway.

Baobab Hotel, Chile


Baobab Hotel is built around a baobab tree in the national reserve of Huilo Huilo. Untainted by over-popularity, this is one place where you can still get away from it all, enjoy the comforts of a luxury hotel, and wake up every day to incredible views of the surrounding forests. The styling and décor of the hotel is crafted by indigenous artists who take their inspiration from the local area, and the hotel also boasts two restaurants, a bar, central heating and penthouse suites.

About the Author:
Paul Roche is an avid tree enthusiast. He works for Premiere Tree Services of San Antonio, TX.

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