5 Different Types of Pool Table for Your Home

It’s something many of us think about when we’re down at the bar or the pool hall – why don’t I get a pool table for my home? Now thanks to access to the internet pool tables are easier to find and buy than ever – but with one down side, there is more choice than ever! So when you’re spending a reasonable chunk of change on a table how do you know why one will be right for you? Let’s take a look!

The Slate Bed Pool Table


These are generally what most people would think of as a pool table – the playing surface is made of a solid slab of slate, which means that it won’t bend or warp over time, say as a result of varying temperatures or moisture levels in a room. This means the ball rolls perfectly every time. However the slate isn’t light, so these tables are best suited to locations where the table won’t have to be moved often.

The Folding Pool Table


So not everyone has the space in their home for a slate bed pool table that can stay where it is indefinitely. If you have a bit of flexible space in your home, even say some open space in your living room and you would like to enjoy a game of pool every so often then a foldable pool table would be right up your street! These tables most often have a play surface made from MDF (which means the tables are lighter and easier to move around) – a folding leg system then means the table can be hidden away when not being used, taking up minimal space.


The Coin-Operated Pool Table


What if you’ve got kids and are worried they will end up spending all their time playing pool instead of doing their homework? Well a coin-operated table can help here – you give your kids and allowance of coins or tokens to play the table, then when they are out they have to wait until next time. Don’t worry you’ll have a key to the table so you’ll always be able to have a game.

The Pool Dining Table


This is another great idea for those without the space for a dedicated pool table. Pool dining tables generally look more ‘dining table like’ – normally with a slightly more modern look although traditional designs are available. The real genius comes with the design on the main body of the table – which has been specially engineered to ensure that the table is at the right height for a game of pool but still allows your dinners to get their knees underneath while sitting down. This involves making the main body as slim as possible, whilst still allowing the slate and ball return mechanism to be housed inside. The table converts from a pool table to the dining table by the addition of a dining table top, which is normally formed of two pieces so it can be easily stored away while you are playing pool.

The Outdoor Pool Table


So far we have focused on the different types of pool table you can have in your home – but you pool tables don’t just have to be for your home! That’s right, using the latest advanced weatherproof materials you can now get pool tables for your garden or outside space! Using a weatherproof cloth and constructed using marine ply-wood these tables are built to last and take the worst of what winters can throw at them! Great for parties or just a sunny day

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