5 Easy Ways To Make a Homemade Cover For My Nook Color

If you want to know how to make a homemade cover for your Nook Color, have a look below at our top picks on when, where and how to score one. The Nook Color is a great looking gadget that costs (as of this writing) close to $300, so you’ll want to keep it new and fresh with a protective case. But we know you also seek a homemade cover to personalize it and stand out from the crowd.

Below are our top ideas on how to make a homemade cover for your Nook Color e-reader.

1. Try A DIY Pattern

Have a sewing machine and good skill with creating products from scratch? Then get yourself a good “ebook cover pattern” or “Nook cover sewing pattern” and try your hand at making it yourself. Once you’ve scored a good pattern, head to your local crafty materials shop and pick up awesome fabric, along with any desired trim and then get that sewing machine out. You can go nuts and customize to your hearts content or create a practical, yet sexy looking cover. Since it’s in your hands, you decide what and how it will look.

Many will choose this route because its one of the best ways to have a Nook Color case that is 100% unique, and unlike anything available or sold in stores. The fabric, the color, the style is all in your hands and should you be a tad creative the end result will no doubt satisfy the inner fashion diva in you. Not the quickest option, but certainly can be easy.

2. Hire Someone

If you’re not crafty or creative but still seek a nice homemade cover for your Nook, then the next best thing would be to hire someone who can do it for you. You can Google “ebook cover designer” or “Nook case maker” and see what you come across. You might get lucky and find an artist who will take your custom order request and turn it into a one-of-a-kind super cool Nook Color case. Be sure to have the details of your ideal cover ready such as your preferred fabric, color, size, design, etc and request away. Also try your social network and see if there’s a sewing enthusiast in your network. You never know, until you ask.

Place a blurb in your Twitter or Facebook account and let your “fans” and “followers” know you will pay top dollar for an awesome handmade cover for your Nook Color. Then wait and see who responds or sends a referral your way.


3. Buy a Homemade Cover

Have you heard of Etsy? This is an online marketplace that only sells homemade merchandise, and not your garden variety low quality stuff. Etsy has some of the coolest items I’ve ever seen everything from furniture to clothing and jewelry to food items, and everything on the site is made by hand from an artist somewhere in the US or Canada. I’ve seen many high quality and awesome looking Nook Color handmade covers on this site, a definite stop is in order if you seek a great handmade case for your Nook Color.

4. ArtFire.com Custom Request

You can place a custom case request via the custom request feature available on ArtFire.com. First you register a free account, fill out the details of your custom order then interested and qualified artists will get in touch with you and pitch their ideas, or bid on your custom order. You get to decide the budget and who makes your item. Like Etsy everything on Art Fire is handmade, so all the artists and sellers there are creative and love to work with their hands.

5. Try a  Cool Photo Skin

There are lots of options when it comes to gadget skins and sites such as Decal Girl, iSkins, Skin It and others usually have a feature that allows one to upload a photo or other graphic and making the skin a one-a-kind creation. What easier way to stand out from the crowd than having a photo of your child, wife, husband, BFF or pet prominently displayed on your e-reader than with a custom skin. You can do this easily and inexpensively via one of the sites mentioned earlier, give them a visit and take a custom photo skin for a spin.

There you have it, five options on how to make a homemade cover for your Nook Color e-reader. Your only limited by your imagination here – try the DIY route, hire someone, buy one handmade, make a custom request or try a cool photo skin. Keep in mind that if your search turns up empty, you can also simply head online and choose from dozens (if not hundreds) of super cool covers from a variety of name brand manufacturers.

This article was written by Greg who runs a blog called eBook Reader Geek dedicated to digital reading. His most popular article at the moment is on the Top 5 Nook Color Covers, have a look and cast your vote for your favorite.

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