5 Fantastic Infographics You Might Not Have Seen

Infographics have seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years (particularly in the last 12 months), and it’s not especially surprising, considering their effectiveness when it comes to encouraging natural links.

Some infographics end up phenomenally popular, but this is often down to the platform it’s published on (or the brand releasing the infographic), rather than the quality of the design or information. So, rather than reproduce a list of the most popular infographics from the last couple of months, here’s some fantastic examples that you might not have come across:

1. What Are Websites Made Of?

Originally published at Six Revisions.

2. Why Restaurants Are Moving Towards Social Media And Mobile Apps

Originally published by Restaurant App Engines.


3. A Difficult Start To 2011

Originally published on the Designbysoap blog.

4. Recruit-O-Graphic

Originally published by Kite Consultants.

5. The Apple Product Tree

Originally published by Mashable.


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