5 Gifts Out of the Ordinary

Gift giving is an activity that most every person takes part in and for a wide variety of reasons. To name just a few of the different occasions that a gift is in order would include birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, to simply say ‘I love you’ and just because. When special times like this arise, not everyone wants to give the same normal items that most everyone gives their close friends and family members. Below you will find ideas for 5 gifts out of the ordinary that will work perfectly when gift giving calls for something a little unusual and different.

1. Premium Meat Hamper

meat hamper

This is a type of gift that is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. It is also the perfect idea for friends or close members of the family that always seem to be almost impossible to buy for. There is a wide variety of different types, sizes and styles of meat hampers that gift givers can select from. As an added bonus, many of the meat hampers that are available today are offered in uniquely designed baskets, making them a great item that can continue to be used from then on. Most selections of this type of gift come with all sorts of meat selections that include all sorts of delicious cheeses and even seafood. This is an ideal gift to give to someone that spends a large amount of their time in the kitchen. You can even add extras such as kitchen utensils, an apron and top selling cookbooks. This is one of the 5 gifts out of the ordinary that focuses on a shelf life that is long. This is to ensure the recipient has plenty of time to enjoy the gift before it begins to spoil. Interested in finding a high-quality product? Visit MyButcher.co.nz and take it from there!

2. A Day of Pampering

There are very few people that wouldn’t enjoy a day of being pampered. There are numerous women that would give anything if they could enjoy a day at the spa, enjoying being pampered while they receive a massage, facial, manicure and a pedicure. You can even add a little something extra like a complete makeover that is followed by a professional photo shoot.

3. Calendars That Are Personalized

personalized calendar


This gift makes it easy to give the surprise of stardom to family members and friends. This is definitely one gift that can give any person a huge boost to the amount of confidence they have. When personalized calendars are the chosen gift to give, it provides several different options to choose from. A few of these include the option of having the recipient’s name boldly positioned on each page of the calendar and it gives a person the freedom of being able to select from 12 different images of the recipient that will make them feel stunning and under the bright lights of the spotlight. This is actually a gift that can spring forth other great ideas that include placemats, mugs, bags and a wide assortment of other items that are personalized. There are no limitations on the types of items that can be personalized.

4. Once in a Lifetime Opportunities

There are actually quite a few different gift ideas that can be given to provide one of your buddies with a once in a lifetime opportunity. A day of handling parrots and other exotic birds or a day spent alongside a zoo keeper would be the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life. Just imagine how excited a close friend or family member that is a thrill seeker and is constantly chasing a taste of adrenaline will feel when they are surprised with a pass to go parachuting or hang gliding. This is one gift that can be tailored to specifically fit the recipient. Knowing a little about their personality and their likes and dislikes is all it takes to surprise them with an opportunity of a lifetime that will not soon be forgotten.

5. Handmade Gifts

crochet bag done

Whether someone has the talent for crocheting, woodworking, etched glass or a myriad of other talents, handmade items are one of the 5 gifts out of the ordinary that will always be a hit.

Jessica frequently blogs about gifts and special occasions. She writes for My Butcher, an online butcher who sells premium quality meat and corporate gift baskets.

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