5 Items That Pay For Themselves

Sometimes larger purchases seem to be too much for your budget, but certain items actually pay for themselves and can do so quite quickly. If you’ve been putting off a larger purchase because of the high initial cost, be sure to consider the cost savings potential of jumping ahead with the purchase. With holiday specials around every corner, this is a great time of year to find savings on the goods you seek, allowing you to save money and take home the home good you’ve had your eye on.

1. Sewing machine

Yes, a sewing machine represents a sizable investment, but imagine all you could create instead of having to buy. Keep your older clothing items looking like new, go back to school shopping at the fabric store and even create new home décor. Instead of upgrading your couch and spending thousands, just sew a new cover for it to make it look like new! Every family should invest in a sewing machine to help them make the most of their money, especially in these challenging economic times.

2. Cameras

How much money do you spend on portraits of your family each year? Most sessions cost at least $100 and usually more if you purchase a lot of prints. High-quality digital SLR cameras can quickly take the place of those portrait studios. If you invest in a quality camera and take the time to learn to use it well, you can take your family photos yourself, rather than relying on the portrait studio to take them for you. You’ll save money over the years and have the chance to snap plenty of candid shots during casual family moments and holiday get togethers. As an added bonus, the pictures you grab yourself will probably be more attractive than stiff, staged studio poses. You can even use your camera to make your own photo gifts when the holidays roll around.

3. Compressor


Do you pay someone else to inflate your kids’ bike tires or pump up that new basketball? While these costs are small, they do add up. Buying an air compressor allows you to do these tasks yourself and is one purchase you won’t regret. In addition to pumping up the various balls and tires around your home, an air compressor can be used to power many air-powered tools, such as a nail gun, so you can be your own handyman. You can also use it for boat maintenance, including cleaning an engine or repairing a carburetor.

4. Water filters

Do you ever spend money on bottled water? If so, think about the money you spend daily or weekly on a single bottle or case and imagine the savings you could realize by drinking bottle-quality water from your tap instead. A quality water filter will help you do just that. You’ll be able to budget better when it comes to your family’s grocery budget, improve your family’s health and benefit the environment by keeping plastic bottle waste out of landfills.

5. Coffee-making supplies

Do you swing through the drive-through each morning for your cup of coffee? Even if it’s just a $1 cup from McDonald’s, you’re still spending $30 every single month on coffee. If you upgrade to a latte or swing through the coffee house instead of the fast food franchise, your cost can increase to more than $4 a cup. Making coffee at home, even with the highest-quality beans, costs only about 30 cents a cup. Consider investing in quality coffee-making equipment so you can brew your own frappes and lattes at home. Save yourself money and time you spend at the drive-through every single day.

While each of these products may not seem like a huge investment at first, the long-term savings are substantial. Consider adding one ore more of these items to your holiday gift list and prepare to save money in the new year.

Holly is an avid shopper, with a passion for technology and writing. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves.

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