5 of the Worst Reasons to Get a Tattoo

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Some believe in body art as a form of expression. Some have sentimental icons they want emblazoned on their skin and others just love the adrenaline rush of the needle. But with all of the very personal and even spiritual reasons people get tattooed, sometimes the motivation comes form the wrong place. Ink is forever, even with tattoo removal procedures readily available, a tattoo is still meant to be permanent. That means a decision made under the wrong circumstances can turn into a life long regret. Here are some of the worst reasons for anyone to get a tattoo.

Because everyone else is


A person is smart, but groups of people can be really dumb. The group mentality has proven time and time again to lead to bad decisions. And when the group wants a tattoo it may seem easier to go along than to be left out. But jumping on this bandwagon could send you on a lifetime trip that you don’t really want to take.

Because someone else wants you to

Maybe it’s not a whole throng of friends going to get a tattoo. Maybe it’s just one. Whether it’s one person or a hundred giving you not-so-subtle hints that a tattoo would be a great idea, the only voice you should listen to is your own. Sometimes someone is merely looking for a partner in crime, or a lover wants to brand you with their moniker. But if a getting a tattoo is not something you have a true, deep, burning desire to do, you will probably wish you hadn’t.

Because you have something to prove

So what if people think you’re too goody-goody to ever get ink done, getting a tattoo to prove them wrong is pretty much a guaranteed mistake. Getting rid of a squeamish or squeaky clean image is not a good reason to go under the needle. Maybe you can take the pain, but why should you have to? Getting a tattoo isn’t a good way to prove how tough you are, if you don’t truly want the body art, just punch someone in the face and walk away.


Because you’re emotional


Out emotions can make us do crazy things.  When people act out of grief, anger, love and frustration it’s usually not a well planned, rationale move. In fact it’s usually a knee-jerk reaction to the circumstances around us. Getting in and out of relationships, the loss of loved ones and difficult, stressful times in our lives may make us long to mark the moment or to re-gain some sense of control.  But a tattoo is one of the worst ways to do it. Make sure your emotions aren’t driving your decisions. If the idea comes to you in a time of great change, don’t let your longing for constancy convince you to make a mistake. Wait until you are feeling more “normal” and if the urge persists, then move forward.

Because you’re drunk


Any decisions you make under the influence are probably the wrong ones. That includes getting a tattoo. Just because you can stumble out of a bar and into a tattoo parlor, doesn’t mean you should. It’s likely you’ll wake up the morning after wondering, what happened and why the hell that picture of a goat on your forearm seemed like a REALLY good idea at the time. Friends don’t let friends get inked when their drunk. And anyone who does sucks as a friend. Sober up before you sit in the chair just to make sure that what you ask for is something you really want, and not just the tequila talking.

There are probably al t more bad reasons to get a tattoo. And there are a lot of really good ones. But in these situations, if you find yourself staring down the needle your best resource is probably to turn and run.

Writing for a laser tattoo removal clinic, Sarah has seen more than her share of tattoo regret. When it comes to body art it’s usually deeply personal and significant, or a cause for regret.

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  1. There are alot of reason why people get tattoos. I kno sometimes i get tattoos to make me feel better emotionally.
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