5 Tips for Finding Your Dream Home

We spent a lot of time in our homes. We pour a lot of money into maintaining it. It is natural to want to love your surroundings; it can make you feel peaceful, comfortable and happy. We all have our own idea of what constitutes our perfect home; here are some tips for bringing that vision into clearer focus so you can get what you truly want.

Figure Out Needs and Wants

When trying to find your perfect home, the more detailed you can get, the better you can focus your search. Most importantly, is to figure out the ‘’needs,” the things that you must have. Clearly establishing the non-negotiables will give you a strong starting point. Next, comes the ‘’wants,” the things that would be ideal for you but are not absolutely essential. Nothing wrong with wanting the best house you can get and being stringent about your criteria, but it is important to be realistic when it comes to this step.

Be open to your list changing as you are house hunting. You may find that things you valued become less of a priority as you see what is available and what you can afford. The house in an okay, but not great location, may offer twice the space; most importantly, getting the most house for your money may take priority over being in the hottest spot in town.


Get Your Mortgage Pre-Approved

Getting your financing in order before you start house hunting is a better way to zero in on the perfect home for you. If you start house hunting and worrying about financing after the fact, you run the risk of setting your heart on a home that you will not be able to get because you only got approval for $300,000 instead of $450,000. Knowing beforehand what you can spend will force you to really assess what you are looking for. Your financial situation may not allow you to check off every item on your housing wish list, but knowing what you are working with from the start money-wise will help you find something great in the framework you have to work with.

Be Willing to Compromise

No one likes the idea of compromise, since it means we have to resign ourselves to not getting something we want. But, when it comes to finding your dream house, unless you have an unlimited budget, you may not be able to find one that has every single thing you desire. Being committed to finding the exact house you want is great, but you need to go into the process with some wiggle room or you may end up passing on some really great houses that would make you very happy.

Look for Potential

When you are looking at houses, especially if they are currently occupied and filled with someone else’s stuff and personal style, try to look beyond what is visible in the moment. Think of the possibilities, the changes you could make that help create your vision for the house. You may have fantasies of walking through the door of a house and just knowing it is the ‘’one.’’ That may happen for you, but when you are evaluating houses, remember to look for potential in ones that may seem off in some way.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys producing articles that help people live better lives and get what they want in life, including their dream home. If you are fantasize of living near beautiful Florida beaches, Sildy Cervera can help you successfully navigate the world of Miami real estate.

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