5 Tips To Improve Study Habits

Do you need to sharpen up your study skills? Poor study habits are a chief cause of academic failure. Maybe you study while watching TV. Or you put off your studies until the last minute, rushing ahead as you desperately try to retain needed information.

In any case you need to habitually develop effective study habits to succeed in the classroom. By performing well academically you can open many doors for yourself, doors which academic failures never see. Remember why you want to succeed in the classroom. Do you want financial freedom? Or perhaps you want to start an online business and travel the world. In any case, you need to remain motivated to improve your study habits and make the grade.


Why do you want to get your degree or diploma? Why do you want to graduate with flying colors? Answer this question and you will never lack for motivation. Find the reason why you want to succeed in the classroom. It’s usually tied to some form of freedom. When you fall in love with this feeling of being free you will do whatever you have to do for strengthening your study habits. Getting clear on why you want the things you want is a very powerful motivator that will help you develop habits conducive to reaching your goals and utilizing resources as best you can.


Shut Off the Television

Stop watching TV as you study. Many failures try to explain that watching TV while studying helps to improve their concentration. This is a lie, as the only thing that watching television does is diminish your attention. Where you focus expands. This means that trying to focus on two things at once divides your attention, affecting your ability to retain knowledge.Focus your attention fully on your studies. Your focus is your power. Concentrate on doing one thing and you will do that one thing well.

Observe Successful Students

Study successful students. How do they build their day? Who do they surround themselves with? Successes leave painfully obvious clues which can help you succeed with your studies.

Students who excel are usually meticulous in setting up their day. Study them in great detail if you wish to emulate their study habits, and success.


Set up your day in advance. Setting up a schedule creates order in your mind, and an orderly mind moves into efficient, effective action. Plan out your day. When will you be in class? When will you by studying? Doing this is critical to establishing better study habits, because you tend to stick to your plan when you design a clear and definite plan of attack.

Write your schedule out with pen and pad. Seeing your schedule helps you develop a tangible vision of what you intend to do during the day. This simple tip is repeated ad nauseum when it comes to anything related to time management; there is a reason—it works. Do not underestimate the power of writing things down to create order. It works wonders.


Rest up. You can only do so much, and after a while of studying, you soon see that force negates. This means that the harder you try now the harder you need to try down the road, and eventually you will simply stop retaining information from your studies as you strain and strive. Rest. Go for a walk. Step away from the books. Refresh your mind.Use these tips to develop better study habits today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers a range of education topics from how to study better to how to decide if online schooling is right for you. Follow the links to learn more about accredited distance learning programs, such as the master of engineering management or online mba degree programs.

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