5 Unique Corkscrews for the Wino

Secret Santa’s, White Elephants and host/hostess favors, it’s gift-giving time again and you’re stuck looking for something original, affordable gender-neutral. If cookie baking isn’t your thing, a wine-related gift is something with universal appeal. Sure, everyone has a corkscrew already, but chances are good they don’t have a Screwnicorn! Read on for more unique corkscrews that any wine lover would enjoy using.

The Screwnicorn

Yes, it’s true; there really is a product that combines the magic of a unicorn with the functionality of a corkscrew. Besides being darn fun to say, the Screwnicorn will actually open a bottle of wine! Wine enthusiasts who think they own every item of wine paraphernalia out there, unicorn collectors and all wearers of fancy pants will get a kick out of receiving the Screwnicorn. (Rainbows not included.)

Handlebar Mustache Corkscrew

Movember isn’t just the best time of the year to sport a manly mustache; it’s also the best time to enjoy a glass of wine with the help of the Handlebar Moustache Corkscrew and Bottle Opener. This kitschy opener is as handsome as a corkscrew gets. Mustaches should always serve more than one purpose, and the one attached to the end of this corkscrew is both a handle and a handy bottle opener.

Cordless Corkscrew


Have you ever looked at a fine vintage and thought “I wish there was some way to incorporate my love of power tools with my love of cabernet?” Well your prayers have been answered. Skil and Bosch have both introduced a cordless drill with a corkscrew attachment just for you — or that wine-swilling tool geek you know at work. Yep, now anyone can impress friends and family with their DIY skills as they serve up a glass of vino. Both drills come with a fleet of extras including a screwdriver, screwdriver bits, a foil cutter, a charger, and — wait for it — a wine bottle stopper.

For the Love of Corkscrewing

The Yiwi Jiangwen Pen Firm is the place to shop if you need corkscrews by the gross. Who would? Wedding vendors, bed and breakfast owners, wineries, engaged couples looking for wedding favors and of course, the very forgetful who can’t remember where they put that darn corkscrew. The romantic heart-shaped corkscrew from Yiwi Jiangwen is sleek and modern with a nickel finish and its ergonomic shape makes it easy to use.

Eco-Friendly Corkscrew

Some people will claw their way through a pile of baby seals to get to their glass of wine, but if your friends are into all those silly trends like recycling, reducing carbon emissions and not polluting the earth’s natural resources they might appreciate an eco-friendly wine opener. The Bamboo Corkscrew is as handsome as it is environmentally correct. Made with a bamboo insert and durable stainless steel, it’s about the size of a pocket knife and includes a bottle opener, corkscrew and foil cutter.

So maybe not everyone on your gift list imbibes in the grape, but they probably serve it on occasion and they’ll thank you each time they don’t have to use their teeth and a butcher knife to try and open a bottle. Choose one of these unique corkscrews for yourself or a friend this year and you can talk about what a knack you have for choosing the right gift while you sniff that deftly removed cork.

Image Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Corkscrew_P1150886.jpg

Holly is an Indianapolis native who enjoys blogging on behalf of brands like Sears. In her spare time, she loves running and baking every cookie recipe she can get her hands on.

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