5 Very Different Styles of Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are a great way to optimise space in small rooms. Extremely versatile and very comfortable, sofa beds (http://www.wedo-sofabeds.co.uk/) are ideal for furnishing small spaces such as studio flats. No need to have an extra room or to vacate your own bed to host your guests, you can just turn your living area into a guest room in blink of an eye using a sofa bed.

Whether you would like to add one or two extra sleeping spaces in your living area, sofa beds are available in a wide variety of different shapes and styles so that there is a sofa bed out there that will suit nearly any room or specific needs. We have listed five very different sofa bed designs below to give you an insight into all the possibilities a sofa bed can offer.

Clic clac sofa bed


The name of this type of sofa beds refers to its mechanism. A clic clac mechanism might be the simplest and most straightforward way to turn a sofa into a bed. You basically have to pull the seating area forward and push the backrest section back so that what you called a sofa earlier flattens into a soft sleeping surface.

A clic clac system enables you to offer a bed to your guest in just a matter of seconds. The main advantage of a clic clac, besides the fact it offers one of the easiest way to deploy a bed,  is that since there is no hidden mechanism you can easily make the most of the space underneath to store boxes or place underbed drawers.

Pull out sofa bed


Modern and efficient, a pullout sofa bed has its mechanism in-built and is designed to require minimum effort. When turning the sofa into a bed, one just needs to remove the cushions and pillows on top of the sofa and pull out the bed frame from the insides of the sofa. The bed generally opens up in two or three stages but the main action is always the same. You just have to pull the bed frame out of the sofa and pull the legs down into place.


With a pullout sofa bed system, the mattress is folds into the base of the sofa bed. They usually come in a choice of different mattress types, from memory foam and open coil through to latex foam and pocket sprung so that you can choose the mattress that will best suit your comfort preferences.

Corner sofa bed


Corner sofa beds are particularly appropriate for a bigger living room and you can choose them in a choice of two, three, four or more seaters depending of the space you have to work with. Ideal to fit a tight corner or just to bring a feeling of grandeur around the coffee table, this type of sofa bed generally features a pull out system whereby you pull out a folded mattress and bed frame from the inside of the sofa.

One of the main advantages of corner sofa beds is that most of the time they are designed with a hidden storage space on one end of the sofa bed that allows you to store bed linen. Corner sofa beds are also the best way to increase your seating options and offer your guest a larger sleeping surface.

Futon sofa bed


Their names refer to the Japanese term “futon” which is a traditional style of bed that is laid on the floor. Unlike other types of sofa beds, futon sofa beds don’t feature any mechanism or bed frame to keep the mattress in place. They simply consist of a thin mattress that is folded up onto a base.

Futon sofa beds are great options if you need an extra sleeping solution in a small bedroom although they are maybe not ideal for use as a main sofa in your living room.

Storage sofa beds


Make the best of the both worlds with a sofa bed designed with a hidden storage area in its base to keep your living room free of clutter. Sofa beds with storage are both excellent sofas and comfortable beds and usually are designed in an L-shape where one of the sofa ends will contain the storage area.

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