5 Ways to Spice Up Your Office Decor

You spend a lot of hours in the office.  Other than sleeping, you most likely spend most of your time working in an office.  If you are lucky you have a space to call your own, to decorate however you please.  If you do, here are some tips for making your office an inviting and exciting place to be.

1. Ambient Light

ambient light

If you are like many people, fluorescent lighting wreaks havoc on your eyes and your head.  One way to combat that is to keep the overhead lights off and pepper your workspace with ambient lighting.  Namely, lamps.  You can get lower wattage bulbs, or higher wattage bulbs and thicker shades, and have plenty of light to work with without the harsh glare of the fluorescent lights.Plus, it’s cozy!

2. Color


If you are permitted to paint the walls of your office or work area, it can make a difference in the ambiance of your space, and a color you love will make you happy.  While the colors above are a little extreme, they do illustrate that a place can look professional even though it has a dash of color.  If you have an office, consider painting the wall behind where you sit, so that you don’t darken the room as much.  Cool colors like blues and greens are said to foster calm and peace, as well.

Wall Art

Wall Decals


Of course you can buy prints to frame and put on your walls, but you can also buy some really fantastic wall decals like the ones you can buy from stickerbrand.com.  They make whole-wall decals, large accent decals, and smaller decals that are great for your office decor.  Wall decals aren’t just for the kid’s room anymore  They are a great way to add interest to the wall without 1) putting holes in it and 2) crowding it with too many different types of art.   In addition to prints and decals, think about adding some texture with 3-D artwork or clocks.

4. Seating Other Than Your Office Chair

a place to recline

While you might not be able to get away with putting a chaise or sofa in your office, you might want to consider a different type of chair from your office chair, even if it is a simple wooden chair with a cushion.  Of course, if you CAN get away with a chaise or sofa, go for it!  As long as you are productive, why shouldn’t you be able to take a 5 minute breather in a horizontal position?

5. Organization


An organized office is a happy artist, and if you have an attractive and interesting way to organize your office supplies, you should go for it.  A piece like the one shown adds color and texture to a wall while keeping all the essentials at your fingertips.  For very little money, you can buy bins and organizers, as well as clear supply boxes, that can be combined to create an attractive and functional workspace.

Your office doesn’t have to be a prison.  If you work in an office environment that discourages personalization, make sure you get outside often, and away from your desk to relieve the monotony.  You might consider talking to the people in charge of facilities to see what your options are in regards to personalization, and you never know what you can accomplish simply by asking.


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