6 Things You Need to Decorate for Christmas

Dear kids,

I’m writing because I’m so excited to see you for Christmas. I’m proud of how hard you’ve worked this year at your new jobs and how independent you’ve been. Don’t worry, though — adults can still get presents too.

Have you decorated your apartment yet? I know I always took care of the house – there’s a reason your father always compared me to Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation – but I wanted to make sure you’re feeling festive this year. A decorated home makes everyone feel welcome and warm for the holidays. Here are some suggestions your dad and I could’ve used when we were newlyweds. Maybe they’ll help you too.

  1. I know you’re just starting out and a fake tree seems like a good investment, but consider getting a real one instead. I was reading an article the other day about the pros and cons of artificial Christmas trees. Real trees are actually far more environmentally friendly, so long as you recycle them appropriately, and don’t contain plastics or lead like some artificial ones. Just make sure no squirrels hide on the branches and sneak into the apartment!
  2. I know ornaments can be expensive, especially after buying garland and lights, but you don’t have to go broke decorating. I always got inexpensive ornaments from places like the dollar store when you were little.
  3. Speaking of lights, have you hung yours yet? If you haven’t, check out those new LED string Christmas lights – they apparently don’t use as much electricity and last much longer. They look a little strange and cost a little more, but I’ve hung a few around the house and I have to say they look even brighter than our old ones.
  4. Before you fill all the plugs in your house with your Christmas lights, pick up some extension cords and power strips. They’ll make it easier to turn your lights on and off and keep your outlets from being overloaded. Be sure to replace any wires that are bare or frayed. Lights are inexpensive and look nice draped on the tree or around your windowsills.
  5. I know you haven’t collected a lot of momentos yet, but take time to set up decorations that are special to you once you have the tree up and the lights are glowing. You might think it’s silly, but setting up the art projects you kids made when you were little is my favorite tradition for Christmas. I love to hang up the little clay ornaments you made in kindergarten, the toilet paper tube Santa figures and of course the snowflakes you made in third grade. They just make the holiday a little more precious.
  6. Before you sit back and take in the beauty of your decorated home, think about hanging a wreath on your front door. I’ve always said a wreath is a beautiful greeting for your guests (like me) and they can be made pretty easily. I know you much you love DIY projects!
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