6 Tips on How To Place New Artwork in Your Home

Mom hangs the picture over the unpainted mantel

The beauty of art is that it is subjective. For centuries, artisans around the globe have found new and unique ways to display cherished artwork. Below are some tips on how to make artful displays throughout your home. 

1. Take Stock

One great way to make a fresh start is to remove everything and start over. A clean palette can help to give you a new perspective and makes it easier to get creative.

2. Framing

Consider changing frames on artwork to give it a lift or new look. For example, smaller pieces can get a make-over inside dramatic, thick frames. Bronze, antique and gold frames can draw attention to an otherwise less noticeable picture. An old frame can be easily revived with a new color and texture. This is particularly useful when incorporating a new design with existing art. Also, frames found in discount and thrift stores can be resurfaced to be more playful, elegant, traditional or unique.

Ellen Harvey3. Placements

The atmosphere in any room can instantly change by instituting a new piece of quality framed art. Try enlivening the entryway with a new display. For example, group different collections in an unexpected way, such as with various types and sizes of frames. A graceful table and chair with either a picture or mirror above it can also make an elegant statement.

Pristine trim, walls and floors can make an interesting backdrop for any design. An abstract painting in a thin frame or traditional landscape can make an otherwise empty space pop.

Children’s artwork can make an excellent addition to any room. A grouping of colorful frames or a simple black frame can add joy to any room. Not only does it renew any space, but it validates the child who created it each time he or she sees it.


Arrangements done well can make even newer homes look like they have been lived in for much longer. Varied frame shapes can be unified with glossy black paint for cohesion.

4. Unusual Spaces

Incorporate smaller pieces into some of the more overlooked and unexpected places in the house, such as office nooks and hallways. This technique can add interest to a mostly utilitarian area by integrating the space into the flow of the home.

Any area of the house can be revived with unique collections. For example, a breakfast nook could have a meaningful photo or painting that has nothing to do with meal time. Antique paintings and relics can look great in any part of a home. Mix them into a modern decor for an eclectic vibe.

Dining room art5. Traditional Styles

Traditional groupings can get a face lift with a few added sprinklings of clean objects and keepsakes.

Consistent collections can add a stylish and graceful element to any space. A collection of black and white photography in varied sizes can be livened with splashes of color. For example, a colored grouping of nearby knickknacks add an interesting backdrop to an otherwise lackluster area.

Consider adding a bit of playfulness to a custom designed setting. A grouping of wildlife illustrations could lend a sense of humor to make the space more inviting. This technique also helps to keep a symmetrical room from appearing too stodgy.

6. Try Interactive Art

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to art. Unframed oil paintings can add whimsy to sparsely furnished spaces. Try a humorous small poster or photo for extra interest.

The above are just a few of the many ways to display art. The most important thing to remember is that there are no rules – just that the art represents your tastes to make your house a real home.

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