7 Reasons Why Fantasy Sports Are Growing In Popularity

Fantasy Football Crazy Week1Fantasy sports have been around for over 20 years, but their popularity has only really soared in the last five years. It seems like every sports fan is currently playing fantasy sports in some form, and as more sports become available in this format they continue to grow in popularity. Below are seven reasons why fantasy sports are so popular and will only continue to become more popular in the future.

1. Internet

The Internet is the primary reason why fantasy sports have reached the popular level they are currently at today. When they started over 20 years ago, everything had to be scored by hand. This meant that only the biggest sports fans were going to take the time to play. These days games are now automatically scored and your teams can now be accessed from smartphones, computers and tablets. Fantasy sports would have never become so popular if it was not the ease of use created by the internet.

2. Become a Manager

Every major sports fan had a dream of being able to run a sports team, and that is now possible through daily fantasy sports. Playing gives everyone the chance to handpick their own team, make trades and compete against other teams just like every sports fan dreamed of as a child.  In effect you get the chance to be the manager and enjoy all the highs (and lows) the role brings.

ff teams3. Bragging Rights

Fantasy sport leagues are the most fun when you are competing in a league with your friends. There is nothing quite like beating your best friend and then being able to brag about it every time you see them. Sports fans are constantly trying to prove who knows more about their favorite sports and fantasy sports are one of the best ways to showcase your knowledge.

4. Keeps You Interested


It is not a good feeling when your favorite sports team has no chance of making the playoffs with weeks left in the season, but fantasy sports keep every fan interested in the sport the entire season. Playing fantasy sport leagues can also make games more interesting when they would normally be viewed as meaningless with the knock on effect that you become a bigger fan of all of your favorite sports and may even take interest in some new ones.

5. New Form of Money Play

If you do not live in Nevada, it can be very hard to place bets on sports. Since fantasy sports are considered to be a game of skill, it is legal to play for money in most states. Almost every major fantasy sports website now lets you compete for money against other players, and there are even national leagues that award thousands of dollars to the winner.

6. Every Sport Available

Baseball and football were the two sports that were regularly played when fantasy sports first started. This stopped any sports fan that did not like baseball or football from competing in fantasy leagues. Today however, if it is a major sports league, then you can find a fantasy league revolving around it. This allows more people to play that normally would not be interested.

Fence Fantasy Football7. It’s Fun

If fantasy sports were not so fun, then there would not be so many playing each year. Sports are beloved throughout the world, and the fantasy versions are just a fun way to stay connected with your favorite game.

It is easy to see why there are so many people interested in fantasy sports. Based on these seven reasons, it is safe to say that the popularity of playing in fantasy leagues and games will continue to grow for many years to come. 

Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer and has for the first time this year entered a fantasy soccer league. Popular fantasy sports provider, the Draft Team offers the chance to play in daily fantasy sports leagues and games with a choice of four sport leagues.  They recommend joining as a great way to connect with new people and run mini-leagues amongst your circle of friends.

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