7 Steps to Connect Your Xbox and Xbox 360 to Your Wireless Router

There are many people who may not know that one of the most famous and popular game consoles Xbox can be easily connected to a wireless network router via Wi-Fi, in order to get wireless access to internet. Today you are actually going to know the right way setting up Xbox and Xbox 360 for the purpose of connecting it to any of the wireless home networks. Today the instructions, which you are going to get in the following points has assumed that a wireless router is installed with your internet connection.

xbox 360


  • First of all, you will have to connect the wireless network adapter to your console. A Wi-Fi adapter that connects to the Ethernet port is supposed to be always used if you are dealing with an Xbox. This kind of adapter can also be used to connect your Xbox 360 to any USB port.
  • Make sure that you turn on your console and then start navigating it to the appropriate and suitable wireless settings. You will see that on the menu of your Xbox, you will have to go to settings _ Network settings _ advanced _ wireless and then finally settings. The path on Xbox360 is more or less similar.
  • Now you will be asked to set up SSID, which is the name of network. You will have to do this to match it with your wireless router. In case, the SSID broadcast is already enabled on your wireless router, then the name of SSID is supposed to appear as a pre-selected option on the display screen of your game console. In other case, you will be in need of selecting the option called Specify Unlisted Network and there you will be asked to enter SSID.
  • For Network Mode, you will be asked to specify ‘Infrastructure’.
  • Now set up the Security Type so that it could be matched to your wireless router. In case the router you have, is using encryption of WPA nature and your adapter is not supportive for WPA, then you will be in need of changing the settings of your router settings, in order to make use of WEP encryption.
  • Once you are done with it, then you just have to save the settings and make sure that the network is verified and has become functional.
  • If you will complete the process, then the display screen is going to tell you that you have connected your console successfully to the wireless router.

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