9 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Help Web Designers

9 Best Extensions Of Google Chrome To Help Web Designers

Yesterday I was searching for few extensions of Google Chrome and was shocked that there is very rare information about it, so I searched about it in deep and decided to share it with you people.

It is true that when Chrome came people liked it especially web designers, but soon they had to leave it as there was no extension with it. However, now web designers can choose it freely and they will get a new and pleasant experience with its extensions.

Here are some of them:

Color Picker

Colors are very essential for any web site and color selection is very responsible part of web designing. So this extension is made to help web designer, one can not only pick up the desired color’s value from any webpage, but can also specify the area and then can monitor the changes in color by clicking on the color palette.

Font Editor

Selection of size and family of font is also a hectic task so this extension is a sort of editor with which you can make changes in font and can see the live results of these changes.

Web Developer

This extension is very important for web designers and developers. During the development process web developers always try their best to provide the complete information so in this regard this extension can help them in better way.

Firebug Lite

It is change from the firebug of Firefox, with this you can use mouse to scrutinize HTML elements and also you can make live changes in CSS properties.

Stylesheet Reloader


Time is very precious and especially designers and developers do not have much time to waste so this extension can save a bit of their time by reloading CSS style sheet only instead of stimulating the whole website.

IE Tab Multi

IE8 is good enough, but still it has few drawbacks, so now you can use IE with in Chrome without the drawbacks of IE.

PHP Console

Though writing the code of website is difficult task but finding errors in already written code is too much panic responsibility, so this extension is specially made to check and display errors. It can tell you that what are the errors? And where are they?

Awesome Screenshot

Its great extension for attaining screenshot and one can also gloss circles, rectangles, text and arrows in screenshot and then can also export it web by using its PNG format files.

Similar Pages

If you are reading about any topic, but you are facing problems to find out more information on that topic then with the help of this extension you can easily find out all the pages containing the content on that topic.

So these were few extensions which empowered the present Google Chrome and thought it would help you to experience Google Chrome in a different way.


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