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5 Easy Ways to Spot a Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiencies are a very serious medical condition that should not be ignored. People who have these conditions experience a softening and degradation of their bones. Additionally, the medical community is now investigating the relationship between vitamin D levels and high blood pressure and decreased immune function. While there are medical conditions that can […]

5 Things to Know About Getting a Divorce

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Due to a referendum on same-sex marriage in November, Washington State gay and lesbian couples are now free to marry. Along with that possibility, however, comes a more negative one: the potential for divorce. But before same sex couples go looking for a King County Attorney, it is important for them – or anyone considering […]

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5 Feline Film Heroes

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Dogs seem to have cornered the market on cinematic self-sacrifice.  Whether it’s Lassie, Old Yeller, The Tramp or Bolt – movie canines regularly represent loyalty, ingenuity, selflessness and companionship. But what about cats?  Though less publicized, our furry friends of the feline persuasion also have heroic qualities that shine on the silver screen. Don’t let […]

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7 Ways Top Athletes Recovery from Injuries

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When you’re paid millions of dollars to be in peak physical condition, injuries are devastating.  However, some injuries are also unavoidable. Below are 7 ways top athletes recover from their injuries.  Many of the methods are also appropriate for the amateur. RICE Easily the most popular method of initial treatment, the RICE system (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) is […]

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The 7 Most Improvable Smiles in Hollywood

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When your smile is potentially going to be in high def on a 30 foot movie screen, it’s reasonable to be concerned about its quality.  The seven actors below, however, seem to have no such compunctions. Despite seven-figure-salaries and some impressive cheekbones, these members of Hollywood royalty seem un-phased by their dental deficiencies.  Below are […]

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7 Amazingly Exotic American Animals

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America is a gorgeous country: broad vistas, piercing sunsets, clear, clean rivers (well, some of them, at least), but its beauty isn’t limited to topography.  The United States has some of the most unique animals in the world, including the seven below.  You may need to go on a jaunt with an Alaska tour guide […]

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7 Great Things You Can Get for Free

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As money becomes tighter across the country, increasing numbers of Americans are couponing and searching for methods of economic conservation.  And what better way to tighten the belt than by getting free stuff?  And, trust me, there’s a lot of free stuff out there.  You just need to know where to look. Below are 7 […]

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5 Reasons Why Iced Coffee is the Perfect Summer Drink

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You love your caffeine but soda just isn’t cutting it, and who wants to drink something hot on a sweltering summer’s day?  Drinkers need not despair, however.  Iced coffee has gained popularity over the past decade thanks to franchises like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best.  (Even fast food joints McDonald’s and Burger King are getting in […]

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Top 7 Movie Cars of All Time

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “as American as apple pie,” but any car lover knows there’s nothing more American than a hot rod or a Hollywood movie.  Fortunately, there are some genius movie minds over the years that have realized combining these two core elements is a recipe for unfathomable success. Indeed, sometimes Hollywood actors […]

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Divorce is taxing emotionally, physically and, yes, financially.  Most people going through a split have half – or less than half – of the resources they are accustomed to, often necessitating some cut-backs. In addition to having less revenue, the cost advantages of coupledom (family cell phone plans, combined utilities) quickly dissipate with a divorce. […]

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