Best Online Auction Sites Not Named Ebay

When Pierre Omidyar started eBay in 1995, he brought a revolution in the online auction industry. The thrill of bidding, the convenience of internet combined with a huge global market brought together millions of buyers and sellers. In 2007, eBay’s gross merchandise volume stood at about $59 billion. Lured by such huge numbers, competitors gradually trickled in to take a slice of the online auction market.  With so many online auction sites at their service, users are spoiled for choice. Here are some sites, other than eBay, that have managed to get a foothold in the online auction industry.


For those of you who want to explore other online auction sites, eBid is one place you can try your luck. The site has over 2 million active auctions in about 1000 categories. It’s free to join eBid and the processes of registration and auction are quite user-friendly. It offers features similar to those of eBay. With BuyNow, you can skip the bidding process and get your product at the BuyNow price. Like eBay, eBid gives users the option of delegating bidding to the website after entering their maximum bid amount. Besides standard auctions, there are other options like 60 minute and happy hour auctions for those who are hunting for bargains. Users who have migrated from eBay might find eBid somewhat cluttered. But a low Final Value Fees, a broad range of auctions and an active subscriber forum makes eBid a stable online auction platform.


Online Auction

Buyers at onlineauction have higher chances of getting a good bargain because the site spares the sellers from paying commissions, listing fees and Final Value Fees. There are a number of auctions and categories available but you might have to dig a bit for a desired product. The site offers interesting auction formats like absolute and sealed bid auctions. Communication is a huge plus at onlineauction with their O-mail system and chat rooms. Users can avail the verified member program. Buyers (at $4 per month) and sellers (at $8 per month) are entitled to unlimited biddings or listings. With both email and toll-free phone facilities, this online auction site also has an efficient customer support system in place.


Another place for online auctions is overstock that has an attractive and user-friendly interface. Like eBay, this website, too has a number of categories. From stamps to real estate, overstock tries to pack in a variety of products for an exciting auction experience. Sellers of bulk commodities can use the personalized O-Auctions Checkout that accepts credit cards at low rates and has an express Pay Now collection facility.  Some seller features like blocking bidders and private auctions are missing but the site makes up for it with low and discounted listing fees. Overstock uses social and business networking tools to chart and show users the auction history of a seller.   These tools make buyers more confident in their buying decision.


If you are looking for an easy uncluttered online auction website, you can try ePier.  Besides doing away with listing fees, ePier has gone a step ahead and removed final value fees. With such offers for the sellers, buyers can expect better deals at ePier auctions. The site offers private, Dutch and reserve auction types. Although ePier offers premium services at a price, it basically promotes the site as a no-fee open source ecommerce project.


One online auction site that combines online auction with online shopping is uBid. Backed by its unique selling features, this site has carved out a distinct place in the online auction market. In times of rampant online frauds, uBid creates a secure trading environment for buyers. The main chunk of products on offer is supplied by uBid warehouses stacked with excess inventory from trusted brands. All the other items are sold by sellers approved by a Certified Merchant Program. Thirty Minute express auctions, travel auctions and $1 auctions make ubid a very appealing proposition for buyers. A great online auction site for people looking for regular selling items, uBid is not a place where you will stumble upon rare or unique products.

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