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How Animated GIFs Can Make You a Better Communicator

Ironically, the Information Age is rife with miscommunication. Email, text, and other forms of instant messaging are renowned sources of misunderstanding. Without the nonverbal cues face-to-face communication offers — body language, facial expressions, and tone — much of a text-based message is left to interpretation. And depending on how the recipient reads it, a delicate […]

5 Ways to Talk Your Girlfriend out of Dragging You to the Mall

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When faced with the choice between a trip to the mall and a root canal, most men would take a little too long to consider the root canal. As much as you like new clothes, a trip to retail hell just isn’t worth it. The problem is that women often mistake this mall hatred for […]

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5 E-Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read before Launching a Startup

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The startup world is built on self-taught leaders and learn-as-you-go philosophies — it’s a place where knowledge truly is power. Though the startup world is also, at times, built off sleepless nights and 80-hour workweeks, taking some time to read the advice of successful startup leaders who have done it all is worth an entrepreneur’s […]

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Top Ten Halloween Costumes

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As one of the nation’s favourite holidays approaches, it’s time to start putting costume ideas out there, and planning outfits. Whether you’re trick or treating with the kids, going to a Halloween themed party, or simply dressing up for an evening of scary films and ghoulish treats round a friend’s house, a terrifying costume is […]

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27 Hilarious Beach Fails

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Everybody likes to go to the beach but normally there is one person that doesn’t quite fit in or has had an amazing idea to get noticed. This article looks at the best of them from around the world. When was the last time you went to the beach and got groped by a monkey […]

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Top 5 Most Addictive Games for Mobile Devices

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Mobile phones were invented primarily to make communication easier wherever you are, whenever you want. The first analog cellular phone was manufactured in the late 1980s in Australia. In less than three decades, almost anything can be done on your mobile device. One of the most enjoyable is the integration of gaming. Today, there are […]

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Top 10 Learning Apps For Younger Kids

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When it comes to keeping the kids busy, there is nothing like a tablet filled with apps. However, does that really benefit the children at all? To a certain extent it does, but what are the best apps that rally teach the kids something? Here is a list of great apps that will not only […]

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7 Senseless Songwriters

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Lyric poetry has a long and beautiful history. It was a way for stories to be remembered, exciting or tragic events to be passed down between families. It told of great loves and epic betrayals – and now? Now the majority of lyrics are reduced to HEY LET’S GET DRUNK and HEY THERE’S A GIRL, […]

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Five Worst Passengers in History

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The human race has come a long way in 100,000 or so years since our existence began, often when we look back we focus solely on history’s greats such as; Winston Churchill, JFK, Martin Luther King, so on and so forth. We think to ourselves, what would I say to someone who had such a […]

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10 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want to Clean Up After

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All celebrities these days have an entourage the size of a small English village, with each person assigned to a specific task: one to pick up clothes, one to remove screaming fans, one to clean up trashed hotel rooms, one to dust. Imagine if you were the only person in charge of all of these […]

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