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How Animated GIFs Can Make You a Better Communicator

Ironically, the Information Age is rife with miscommunication. Email, text, and other forms of instant messaging are renowned sources of misunderstanding. Without the nonverbal cues face-to-face communication offers — body language, facial expressions, and tone — much of a text-based message is left to interpretation. And depending on how the recipient reads it, a delicate […]

5 Ways to Talk Your Girlfriend out of Dragging You to the Mall

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When faced with the choice between a trip to the mall and a root canal, most men would take a little too long to consider the root canal. As much as you like new clothes, a trip to retail hell just isn’t worth it. The problem is that women often mistake this mall hatred for […]

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27 Hilarious Beach Fails

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Everybody likes to go to the beach but normally there is one person that doesn’t quite fit in or has had an amazing idea to get noticed. This article looks at the best of them from around the world. When was the last time you went to the beach and got groped by a monkey […]

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Five Worst Passengers in History

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The human race has come a long way in 100,000 or so years since our existence began, often when we look back we focus solely on history’s greats such as; Winston Churchill, JFK, Martin Luther King, so on and so forth. We think to ourselves, what would I say to someone who had such a […]

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5 Amazing Tiny Animals to Spot (If You Can)

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In the animal kingdom, being tiny can have its perks: you’re hopefully too small to be seen by any predators. Unfortunately, if you do get spotted, chances are you’ll be too small to put up much of a fight. Luckily, we all love small cute tiny things, and therefore ensure the existence of many pygmy […]

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5 Ways Of Knowing Whether You Are Carrying A Boy Or A Girl

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Every couple expecting a baby cannot help wonder about whether their new family member will be a boy or a girl. Some couples keep guessing for nine months and despite feeling the urge to find out, the refrain from doing any kind of test that could tell them the sex. Other couples find themselves overcome […]

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A serious flaw in the human condition is the mortality clause. Yes, we’re all going to die at some point or another in our lives, unless you’re a Dickensian character who has achieved immortality in the literary sense (and that doesn’t count!). But before you go all paranoid and pay extra-special care to all the […]

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April 1st may be over, but that doesn’t mean pranksters have to sit on their laurels for another year. In fact, the precious weeks after April Fool’s Day are the best time for playing pranks on the poor, unsuspecting victims who thought their day of reckoning had already passed. The author of this article would […]

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Are your legs worth a billion dollars?  According to the insurance industry, Mariah Carey’s are.  Think about it a moment – one thousand millions.  Now those are some expensive stems. Most A-List celebrities are movie stars and sports heroes, so it should come as no surprise that they prize (and value) their bodies considerably more […]

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21 Funny Christmas Card Ideas for the Holidays

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The holidays are upon us, and you may be debating whether or not to send out Christmas Cards or Holiday Greetings.  There’s postage to consider, and the time it takes to address them, write personal greetings in them, and whether, after the year you’ve had, if you really have anything nice to say to anybody […]

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