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5 Gruesome Unsolved Mysteries

A good mystery is one of life’s great pleasures. The popularity of Sherlock Holmes, Poirot and Columbo attests to the pulling power of the unexplained. However, when the unusual jumps off the page and into real life it can often be a very different matter. There were no super sleuths to provide a happy ending […]

10 Amazing Things to See in Scotland

Scotland is a land brimming with rich culture and dramatic history. Many of the buildings date back to medieval times, and the museums give visitors insight into the history they may have missed. When they are not exploring historic places, Scottish tourists can tour the countryside, the whiskey distilleries, and local pubs and restaurants. Below […]

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5 Painful (Or Painfully Pointless) Medical Theories And Practices

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Nobody particularly enjoys going to the doctor’s, but it’s probably safe to say that the experience now is a tiny bit more palatable than it has been for, well, the rest of human history. The following is a list of reasons we no longer have for skipping out on our appointments: Humorism and Bloodletting Laughter, […]

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Across the world, ancient cultures came up with monsters capable of toppling worlds and destroying gods. These mythological creatures were of amazing size and power, and trying to imagine them in today’s world is a little intimidating. Here are five mythological creatures that could do some serious damage to our twenty-first-century society: 1. Fenrir The […]

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We are led to believe that the dinosaurs mysteriously died out millions of years ago, but what if that’s not entirely true? What if some sneaky species hid from the giant meteor/ice age/time traveling robot cowboys with lasers at the bottom of the planets deepest lakes and oceans? Well there are those out there who […]

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The 5 Worst Magic Acts in History

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Who’s Foo-Ling-Hoo? Chung Ling Soo was one of the highest paid acts in the world. 1918 audiences waited breathlessly for the world famous Chinese magician to catch a bullet between his teeth, fired from a rifle pointing right at his head. Night after night, the Chinese man of mystery fooled them all – until catching […]

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There are just a few accoutrements that everyone associates with wealth, sophistication, and luxury: rare and exotic furs, flawless diamond jewelry, aged brandy, and a good cigar.  And because of the elitist nature of those who partake of such extravagance, it should come as no surprise that they’re often embroiled in some sort of scandal […]

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Discoveries of technology from old often leave archaeologists baffled and leave the rest of us amazed. Man made wonders are even more remarkable if you take into consideration the tools and resources civilizations had at their disposable. The discoveries are great but once you pull back the fabric and let curiosity roam free the mysteries […]

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The term “old” has so many negative connotations, in some instances respect has to be shown and the use of terms such as “experience” and “maturity” is perhaps more suitable. No other instance is more apt that when talking about some of the oldest remaining door features in the world. Here we identify the world’s […]

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Top 5 Famous Doors

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Surprisingly, various doors spring to mind when someone asks the question of “How many famous doors do you know?” This can be attributed to being surrounded and often influenced by popular stories within the literature, media, history and even film. In this article we explore the 5 most noteworthy and iconic doors throughout history. Number […]

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