Cooking Tips for Using Your Toaster Oven

A good toaster oven is a big time and money saver in your kitchen. Most toaster ovens cook foods by convection, and they will usually cook your food at much lower temperatures than your regular oven. Also, the food will be cooked faster and more thoroughly. A good convection oven can be used to cook cookies, pies, cakes, and can be great for roasting vegetables and broiling meats. Also, these handy kitchen devices can be very useful for baking casseroles.


If you are considering the purchase of a toaster oven, or bought one recently, read on to learn some great tips to maximize your purchase in the kitchen:

#1 Baking Tips and Techniques

A convection toaster oven circulates heat with a fan. This lets you food to be bakes on different racks and positions. Racks are able to be inserted in many ways. For example, a rack that you place face up will give you food that is closer to the oven bottom than when the rack is inserted in the down position. If you are using both racks simultaneously, say to bake cookies, you will want to have both racks in the down position.

If you are baking a cake at the oven bottom, the rack will need to be down, and if you are baking in the top, it should be in the up position. Overall, be sure to cut the temperature of your recipe for a regular oven by 25 degrees. You also should cut the cooking time by about 25%.


#2 Bakeware Tips

You should use bake ware  and cookie sheets with low sides when you are using the convection setting with your new toaster oven. This will let as much air circulate as possible. A cookie sheet and broiler pan often are included in the oven. Other cooking implements that should fit in your convection oven include muffin pans, loaf pans and cake pans. You should not use plastic or glass containers in your new oven.

#3 Roasting Tips

You should roast your meets at about the same temperature as with a regular oven. The concentrated heat will sear the meat surface and will effectively trap juices inside. The smaller space of the oven and the convection feature will cut your cooking time. You should set your timer to about ½ the time that the recipe calls for. When the timer goes off, you should use a meat thermometer to see if it is done. If it is not yet done, you should use the thermometer to check it every 10 min or so.

There are some convection ovens that are actually big enough to cook an entire roast or a whole chicken. A dish of meat can often be done an hour earlier than in a regular oven.

Convection is also a great way to roast your potatoes and vegetables. You will find that it will give you fully caramelized and really flavorful vegetable.s

#4 Other Functions

Most toaster ovens will have a convection warmer. This will allow you to keep food warm for as much as an hour. To use it, you should set your temperature to about 250 degrees. You should set the function knob to warm and the time should be set to about 60 min or whatever you need. The oven has the capacity to toast six pieces of bread at one time. You just need to set the temperature to toasting and set the timer to the level of darkness that you want.

By keeping these helpful tips in mind, you should be able to use your new toaster oven to create some really tasty meals.

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