Fashion 101: 5 Tips for Wearing Jewelry

ID-10078764I have always liked to wear a bit of jewelry here and there, but it was not until I cut my hair drastically short that I realized how much it can impact your look. I have rediscovered my love for big, chunky earrings, and have taken a greater interest in other pieces, particularly bracelets. Donning jewelry is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and express your personal style and personality. But, you won’t achieve this by simply throwing on some pieces, it is a bit more nuanced than that. Here are some helpful tips for choosing your jewelry and enhancing your look.

Don’t Just Go for Trendy, Wear What You Like

There is nothing wrong with considering the latest trends when selecting your jewelry, provided you actually like what you are seeing. Our choice of jewelry says a lot about our style and personality, and if you are going against that in the name of what is ‘’fashionable’’ at the moment, you will feel uncomfortable with your appearance, and your confidence will take a hit. Wearing jewelry is all about enhancing our look and feeling more attractive—you will best accomplish this by choosing pieces that fit with your own personal style and preferences.

Try It On

This may sound obvious, but sometimes a piece can look so great hanging there, you just automatically buy it, thinking it will look great on you. But, you may be disappointed to find it hangs strangely, the coloring does not look quite right on you, it feels uncomfortable or does not quite fit right. The last point is particularly important because even if you love the piece, you won’t wear it if it does not fit well.


Less is More

Like many things in life, a good philosophy when it comes to choosing jewelry is ‘’less is more.’’ Going overboard creates a cluttered look, and will be distracting. This is especially true if you enjoy wearing larger fashion rings or other types of ‘’statement’’ pieces. Remember to find balance. If you are wearing really chunky earrings for example, it may be better to go with a more subtle necklace. If you are covering half your arm in bright, colorful bangles, opt for some studs in your ears instead of massive hoops.  If you have really color-intensive large pieces, don’t pair them together—the point of wearing this type of jewelry is to make it the center stage of your outfit so you don’t want two of these pieces competing for this honor.

Coordinating Clothing and Jewelry

Sometimes you want your outfit to be the focus, while other times you want the jewelry to be the standout. For the former, opt for modest pieces that add a bit of sparkle but don’t take center stage. If you have a piece of statement jewelry that you want to be the star of the show, opt for simpler clothing, like a basic black dress, or a dressy t-shirt and jeans.

Certain types of jewelry will look better with certain types of clothing, and this is particularly true for necklaces. If you are wearing a V-neck, you can either wear a short necklace or one that is longed and draped. If you have a scooped neckline, opt for necklaces that are short and stay close to your neck. If you are wearing a t-shirt or several layers, long necklaces are best.

Make Up Considerations

If you will be wearing statement earrings and/or necklaces, they are also acting as part of your cosmetic look. Wearing bold pieces close to the face call for more subtle make-up. To ensure you don’t go overboard with your look, apply your make-up while you are wearing these pieces.

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