Five Kitchen Appliances that Never Took Off

There are some kitchen gadgets and accessories I can’t do without – my spring form baking tins, my kitchen knives and my Kenwood chef (it does everything!) but there are some that simply never caught on for whatever reason – mostly because they are useless and take up too much space here are my top five.

1. The tea-bag bin

tea bag bin

The little stainless steal bin was designed by Stuart Hoskins and Dean O’Loughlin of Big Brother fame. The idea is that the stainless steel bin sat by the side of the kettle and instead of dragging the teabag over to the bin which would then drip everywhere it is stored in the teabag bin and then emptied out without making a mess of the kitchen. It’s a good idea in principle but it never really seemed to catch on, probably because people either used their bin or a bowl. They did manage to shift a few thousand but it never became that must have kitchen item that we all have to have. And even Amazon only has one refurbished copy for sale.

2. The pineapple corer and slicer

Something I have never seen in any kitchen, although there is a good chance my mum may have one lurking somewhere but her kitchen is full of unusual items. It usually comes in plastic or stainless steal and makes a pretty spiral of pineapple. But I prefer a good knife and most supermarkets sell pineapples with all the hard work done for you so what’s the point?

3. Egg crackers

Egg Cracker


you can actually buy a gadget that cracks and separates eggs. It is basically a plastic clamp with two sharp blades that can crack the egg neatly in half. Strangely enough I have never seen one in any kitchen I have ever been in. Probably because it is one of those jobs that you don’t really need a gadget for. I find that the edge of a bowl or a butter knife works just as well and when it comes to separating an egg I have never had a problem with that. Therefore, I don’t think it really caught on.

4. Motorized Ice Cream Cone


Perhaps the weirdest kitchen gadgets invented has to be the motorised ice cream cone. The idea was that the ice cream was constantly spun around so that it didn’t drip onto your fingers. I know as far as I am concerned an ice cream cone is one of the best bits about having an ice cream. And if you are having an ice cream at home what about a bowl and spoon they work just as well and what’s more they are multi-functional.

5. Boiled Egg Squarer


OK I got it wrong the weirdest kitchen gadget title has to go to the boiled egg squarer! Ha ho! This plastic gadget makes your boiled egg into a square shape. Quite why you would want an egg in square I don’t know it seems like a waste of precious kitchen space to me. Needless to say it hasn’t really caught on.

One can only wonder why these appliances never became popular. One can only wonder why… For more information on Kitchen Appliances, visit

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