Keep Date Night Close to Home with These Top Video Games for Couples

Is date night turning into the same old routine, going out for drinks or a meal, but lacking the spark it once had? If you are falling into a rut, there is a way out. The answer just might be sitting in your video game console. With a new game or two, particularly for popular interactive systems like the Wii or Xbox Kinnect, date night can go from boring to sheer excitement!

Trivial Pursuit

You might already have the board version of Trivial Pursuit collecting dust in a closet somewhere, but the video game option for the Xbox 360 is much more entertaining. The list of potential questions is seemingly endless, and it will be far more interactive when you are playing on screen instead of on a board. And, after all, posing a challenge is far easier when all you have to do is turn on the TV and pop in the video game.

Mario Party

Mario Party for the Wii combines everything that makes video gaming fun, including one of the most iconic characters in the videogame industry. This game is set up like a digital board game using your favorite Mario characters. A series of mini-games throughout the larger game make each turn interesting, and you can set the challenge to last as long or as short as you want, depending on how much time you have to play.

Dance Central


If you don’t feel comfortable showing off your award-winning dance moves at the club, you can bring the experience home. Let go of your inhibitions with Dance Central for the Xbox Kinnect. Here you can show off your greatest moves to hot music, as you battle your date to be the top dancer. Be prepared to laugh, both at yourself and at your date, as you shimmy and shake to the beat. This would probably not be a great choice for a first date, particularly if you embarrass easily, but if you are comfortable with your date then by all means, get your dance party on.

You Don’t Know Jack

If Trivial Pursuit is too tame for you, then take on You Don’t Know Jack. This trivia game will have you digging into the deepest recesses of your brain to find the right answers, but the questions are slightly more outrageous. Your knowledge of worthless trivia and facts will come into full play with this one, and you are guaranteed to be entertained by both the questions and the potential answers.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart, another Wii game, is just as much fun as Mario Party. This game allows you to race against your date, or to take on a cooperative race against a digital opponent. The latter may be a better choice if one of you is less experienced with Mario Kart, as the game can be difficult to master.

Regardless of the game you choose, by using your video game console on your next date night, you will set yourself up for something interesting, interactive and much more fun than anything you have done in the past. Pick up a new game and have your date night in. In the long run it will be more entertaining and more affordable, and you just might make your video game date night into something you do more frequently.


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