List of 5 Ways to Become a Better Dancer

So, how do you become a better dancer?  I can think of some ways.  In fact, I can think of five ways.


1. Yoga.

Although you can be a pretty good dancer without any flexibility, being able to touch your hands to the ground will definitely give you more range than in movement that being stiff would. However, being un-coordinated cannot be made up by the ability to touch your knee to your nose. Practicing an intense form of yoga, like Ashtanga Yoga, will not only create dynamic strength, but enhance your stamina in way that is long lasting and sustaining. Another element of yoga which is also an integral part of any dance is breath control. When performing extremely strenuous movements for extended periods of time can be extremely taxing on the heart and lungs. In order to maintain consistency and power of movement all you have to do is control the power of the breath, inhaling welling lifting your body and exhaling when landing.

2. Listen to different genres of music!

It surprising how many people do not listen to different styles of music. Listening to music from different genres and even different parts of the world will give you a better intuitive understanding of rhythm.


3. Observe Your Own Body.

Another exercise that a lot of great dancers do is understand how their own bodies move. There are a couple of ways one can do this. You can stand in front of a mirror and perform a couple of your dance moves. You can also video tape yourself. Or pull out an old family video and observe the general vibe you give off when moving in space. Dancers are very aware of how they look when they walk or even lift their arm to say hi to someone.

4. Wear Dancer-Wear.

Dancers are attune to how clothing fits their figure. They are always sure to highlight their assets and hide their weaknesses. They know that wearing something that highlights your waist and flares out at the hips will create more impact when dancing with a partner than when wearing plain old jeans. Additionally, wearing bodysuit shapewear will also streamline your figure in order to hide any non-silhouette creating bulges.

5. Don’t Worry.

Stop Worrying about how you look. Stop worrying about what people think about you. Stop worrying about how you compare to others on the dance floor. Dancing is hardly about showing others what you’ve got, it’s more about showing your soul the freedom of letting the air rush past your ear as your do a twirl in the middle of crowded, music-thumping club.
It’s that feeling of contentment as you sway your hips while sipping a glass of wine after a long day’s work. It’s the feeling of refreshing happiness that bubbles up inside you as you do the twist with your best friend in the middle of the park on random Sunday afternoon.

Dancing is moving. Moving and Feeling the weight of the world lift away. Close your eyes and just jam. This is the key to becoming a fantastic dancer.

Mehndi Rao is an avid blogger, dancer, and search engine marketer. She’s not only been dancing since she was 7, she has also acted, produced a film, and now works with a digital marketing agency. It’s not surprising then that her passions range from bodysuit shapewear to letting go on the dance floor. A woman of many interests, this 26 year old, believes that living a full and fulfilling life means learning to master more things than one.

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