Six Best Diets for Weight Loss

As we all know, weight loss issues are becoming more serious and the number of people searching for weight loss methods is also increasing. Focusing on a diet can help you deal with your weight loss problems more efficiently. If you want to lose weight and wondering what diets you can use then you should check out the list below on the five best diets for weight loss.

Atkins diet

Atkin’s diet is the famous diet plan created by Dr. Robert Atkins, which involves restricting carbohydrate intake. The aim is to have a somehow ketosis state, where the body burns fat because of the lack of glycogen, which is mainly provided by carbohydrates. It involves different phases which start with an induction phase, where you totally remove carbs from your diet. The ongoing phase where you can add a different kind of dense carbs, found in fiber rich foods. The pre-maintenance phase is the transition to having the diet and the final phase, which is said to maintain your weight. This diet would definitely help you lose weight in a rapid manner, but with restrictions there would always be some cons.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet is famous in countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy for its natural approach and its capacity to provide longer life expectancy for people advocating the diet. Basically consists of balanced natural foods, described in a Mediterranean food pyramid. Mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, olive oils, fish meat, good trans meat, poultry, and red wine. All of these contain different nutrients that fight different diseases like heart disease and cancer, and also promote lower calories, lower cholesterol, and less food cravings due to high fiber content foods, which ultimately lead to weight loss.

Raw food diet

Quite a popular diet that is based from the belief that heating food above 47 C would destroy the nutrients and enzymes that comes naturally in the food. Cooking also further detriments the nutritional value of the food, this leads to raw eating preferences. This diet definitely aids weight loss since it is a low calorie diet food from natural food items. It definitely has lower trans and saturated fats. You won’t have problems with increased salt and sugar in this kind of diet. The challenge would be on trying to maintain this diet, and the shift from regular meals to this kind of diet is also quite challenging.

Zone diet


A diet that is made by Barry sears and it is commonly known in Hollywood. The Zone diet basically has low carbs approach but not as restricting as the Atkins diet. A balance of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat, with the utilization of having more meals in day, ideally three main meals and two snacks. Basically in the light of weight loss, you gain more control on how healthy you want the diet to be. Other benefits include improved energy level, mental alertness, and good for people with diabetes (type II).

Macrobiotic diet

Another diet promoted by famous artists. It basically deals with diet and lifestyle as well. With the same premise as a vegetarian diet, it mainly involves eating grains and water with focus on low saturated fat items. The proper chewing of food is critical for this kind of diet. Proper mastication and swallowing is believed to promote digestion and avoids overeating. The concept is to eat less which has involved a lot of issues in regards to its health benefits, but as it relates to weight loss, it could give you good results.

South Beach Diet

The south beach diet is another popular diet for losing weight. Basically it is made up of 3 phases. Phase 1 is the starting phase that lasts for about 2 weeks. During this period you prepare your body and mind for the next phases. For the period of 2 weeks you are allowed to eat fiber rich foods and lean protein. The second phase introduces more foods to your diet which includes carbohydrates as well. The basic characteristic of this diet is that the proposed foods are all high in nutrients but low in calories. Phase 2 is best suited for people who want to lose 10 pounds (or less) and who want to maintain their existing weight. For phase 3 this diet suggests that you continue eating the same foods as phase 1 and 2 but it also allows for occasional ‘sweet treats’. The south beach diet is not a strick diet and can be easily followed by anyone provided that you have discipline and stay within the proposed guidelines.

And the winner is: the Mediterranean diet.

With Mediterranean diet you can lose weight healthy and safe. It is not restrictive but it is a balanced diet that you can follow for the rest of your life without any problems or concerns. It was recently awarded by UNESCO as the world’s healthiest diet.

Honorable mention: The doctor approved Medifast Diet.

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  1. Go with the vegetarian diet for all of your life :)