8 Songs to Listen to When You are Drunk

8. Santeria- Sublime:


For a lot of people this is the beer pong theme song. Try changing this song  when someone is playing BP and you might end up on Youtube right next to the idiot that got beat up for requesting Sweet Caroline at a New York club. For what it’s worth I have personally seen up to streaks of up to 6 cups of beer in a  row when this song was playing, coincidence I think not.

7. Dog problems – The Format:

Now this is probably the one song on the list you haven’t heard of but  that’s OK because this is the song that no one knows what it is except the  group of badasses by the speakers who put it on. You will definitely go home and download this song given that you remember the night. I prefer this to bohemian rhapsody which a lot of people oddly like when they’re wasted.

6. Fat lip – Sum 41

And here comes the first true rock song of the list. This is the song where every guy goes “fuck yea!” as soon as the beginning guitar comes in. after the first set of notes the guitar gets heavier and the rioting begins. It will be nothing but obnoxious violence all the way until the words “Don’t count on me” come on. I shit you not the violence will stop and every one will hold their drink in the air and just sing and sway. As soon as it gets loud again though if you don’t want to get hurt you better head for the  couches. Only the stock market makes people go from violent to calm in  more dramatic fashion.


5. Tiny dancer – Elton John:

Now I know what you’re thinking how is tiny dancer a drinking song. You would be amazed how much drunk people get into this song. It always starts out with one person leading and by the chorus everyone has their eyes closed tight and their fists clenched singing in the highest voice they possibly can. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to reenact the bus scene from Almost Famous when your drinking with your good friends…. i rest my case.

4. Alcohol – Brad Paisley:

The song is called alcohol so you shouldn’t be surprised it made this list. And, wow, do drunk people love to yell alcohol as loud as they can as they down another half a beer half way through saying it. If you’re looking to piss off the neighbors when you have a party this is the song for you.

3. Drift away – Uncle Kracker:

This is that drinking song that even Dad will raise his glass to. A remake by Uncle Kracker this is one of those songs where everyone knows the chorus but only the true drunks know the versus. (don’t try to challenge your dad on this one remember this is the second version of the song he has heard.)

2. Friends in low places – Garth Brooks:

I don’t know if it is because of the live version or if the song just implies it but as soon as you hear the first guitar strum you just always yell at the top of your lungs after the first guitar strum. This is a song where everyone will drop what they’re doing and put their arm around the shoulder of the person next to them and sway back and forth with their beer raised in the air singing as loud as they can. This is the one country song that everyone can agree on when it comes to the jukebox in the bar.

1. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond:

It was a very close first and second place Neil gets the nod here, The songs quiet in the beginning but give it a couple seconds and the whole room will stop and before you know it there won’t be any one in the room who’s not extending their arm out to someone and reaching out. Plus what other song can you obnoxiously yell BAH, BAH, BAH with your fist acting as a hammer as it violently smashes through the air when your plastered… That’s what I thought. (Boston fans everywhere are smiling.)

by Nick

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  1. Liquido – Narcotic always works fine for me!