Ten Brands Worth the Investment

The brand name on a product does matter. Over time, brands gain prevalence because they prove their quality, and consumers know they can be trusted. Next time you need to make a purchase, use this buyer’s guide to lead you to the brands that stand out for household purchases.

1. Dewalt: This trusted American brand makes durable, long-lasting tools for all of your household needs. When it’s time to build something, turn to Dewalt for reliable products that will be around as long as you need them.

2. GE Appliances: If you want a company that has been around for years and is one of the most trusted companies for appliances, turn to GE. The company has kept up with the times, and GE appliances offer some of the best features in energy-efficiency that keep up with the demands of modern life.

3. Hamilton Beach: When you want durable kitchen tools and gadgets, Hamilton Beach is one of the great names. Though the products aren’t as fancy as some high-end models, they are reliable and can bring great options on any budget.

4. Klipsch: Getting good-quality home audio is a critical step in being able to enjoy music in the home. Klipsch is a trusted American brand that makes great speakers that are sure to last.

5. FedEx: In the world of fast shipping, FedEx is one of the leaders. The company has made a name for itself through highly reliable delivery, great handling of packages and very competitive prices.


6. Amazon.com: This huge online retailer carries every type of product imaginable and has great prices and sales. Their top-notch customer service is even more impressive considering the volume of sales the company deals with each day.

7. Walmart: As the top retail brand in the world, Walmart offers some of the lowest prices around to allow people on a budget to purchase the things they need. It’s not just the low prices that people love, though. It’s the commitment to providing great products for those low prices.

8. Publix: Not only is this store a top supermarket chain to shop in, but they are also a top employer. They recieve awards year after year for being one of the best business places to work. The brand defies the typical corporate stereotype by being extremely active online with its shoppers. The store offers a place to share stories, recipes and ideas. They even have opened their store to different opportunities like menu and event planning and cooking classes.

9. Target: For people not willing to shop at Walmart, many turn to one of its competitors, Target. In addition to offering tons of high-quality products from brand names, Target’s own store brand is very high quality and can help you save money while still getting great, stylish products for your home.

10. CVS: If you need to head out to a drug store, make it CVS. Their pharmacy is great, plus they have tons of great store brand cosmetics and toiletries that rival the big names. CVS has also made it into the news recently as heaven for extreme couponers because of the great deals they offer on household products.

Choosing where you shop and what brands you buy is an important component of getting the most for your money. Even if you spend a little more up front, you want to get products that will last and not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. Don’t be fooled by the deals on off brands; you get what you pay for.

Holly is an Indianapolis native who enjoys blogging on behalf of brands like Sears. In her spare time, she loves running and baking every cookie recipe she can get her hands on.

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