The 5 Biggest Fears When Skiing!

Skiing is generally an amazing experience, especially for those that enjoy an adrenaline fuelled holiday adventure! This hobby has spread far and wide around the world, with very prominent seasons in place to take part. However although this sport has become popular world wide, there is always something that every skier fears might happen. Below is a list of some of the most daunting experiences that may befall a skier!

1. Avalanches

Mt. Rainier National Park
photo credit: shesnuckinfuts

Probably one of the most obvious is an avalanche, and in many cases listed here also the most deadly. These days avalanches around ski resorts are controlled, which means they are detonated at specific intervals, minimising the risk of a snow avalanche happening in season to a tiny amount. However the odds of surviving an avalanche are generally quite low, especially if you are towards the top of the slope. Fortunately these are extremely infrequent, but those skiing off-piste are most likely to be hit by an avalanching, as leaving the slope places you in the unadulterated arms of nature! People are killed every year by avalanches!

Fear Rating – 8.0 / 10

2. Falling Over

Bonked big time.
photo credit: Jenn Allen

So now we get into something a little more realistic. Falling over is every beginners fear, but it is also attributed to embarrassment. Anyone who begins skiing doesn’t want to fall over; although not the scariest it is often the most embarrassing. Falling over may damage your ego but at least it won’t damage you (too much), it depends how you fall!

Fear Rating – 5.0 / 10

3. Getting Lost

This is something that plagues the mind of skiers that travel off-piste regularly. The biggest problem with getting lost off-piste is finding your way back to your original slope, and this cdan be tricky as the sun starts to set. Many ski resorts are situated within very secluded places, without much in terms of surrounding human life. There have been a number of accounts of people getting lost, one of the most notable was a couple getting lost at the Kicking Horse resort in the USA. Only one of them was able to make it back, he was treated for exposure and severe frost bite. Wolves in some locations can also become a big problem!


Fear Rating – 6.0 / 10

4. Hitting a Tree

photo credit: jmayer1129

One of the most common fears and one that everyone will admit too is hitting a tree. Generally speaking this is the next biggest fear after falling over. Hitting a tree is not only demoralising, but can be extremely painful. On a more morbid note people, you can actually die if you hit a tree at excessive speed, and generally speaking in skiing, it can be quite difficult to stop! It is no surprise that this can be most common when skiing through tree lines and being up against moguls (bumps and ramps in the snow) that can force you in random directions!

Fear Rating – 7.0 /10

5. Being Caught in a Whiteout

Finally, and probably the scariest of the lot is being caught in a white out. This can lead to all of the above but usually in a more serious fashion. Of course an Avalanche isn’t normally caused by a Whiteout, however if one is triggered, you are pretty much a gone (dismal I know). Hitting a tree and falling over will be the most common when a white out occurs, in some cases you may even barely be able to see past your own skis. Finally, a combination of being caught in a white out and getting lost is one of the scariest things that can happen, when the whiteout has subsided and you have no idea where you are, you come to the realisation you are lost. Being lost in the mountains by nothing but snow and what could now well be altered scenery, isn’t going to be a great experience.

Fear Rating – 9.0 / 10

Above are some of the scariest experiences for a skier, some others that seem to crop up (no matter how random) are things like this:

6. Hitting someone else when skiing
7. Going over an ice patch
8. Losing a ski?
9. Snowboarders…
10. Busy Ski slopes
11. Wolves / Bears
12. The Abominable Snowman

Mark C works for a French Ski resorts and Italy Ski resorts Tour Operator, bringing you information on skiing no matter how random!

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