The 7 Most Improvable Smiles in Hollywood

When your smile is potentially going to be in high def on a 30 foot movie screen, it’s reasonable to be concerned about its quality.  The seven actors below, however, seem to have no such compunctions.

Despite seven-figure-salaries and some impressive cheekbones, these members of Hollywood royalty seem un-phased by their dental deficiencies.  Below are 7 of the most “improvable” smiles in Hollywood.

Keira Knightley

This young British talent has flawless skin, lovely eyes and a svelte, flapperesque figure.  But when she smiles, it’s obvious her parents didn’t believe in orthodontia.  It hasn’t seemed to slow Knightley down, however, and the 27-year-old ingénue is set to appear in the latest adaptation of “Anna Karenina,” releasing this fall.

Steve Buscemi

Every dentist’s nightmare, Buscemi’s teeth are both discolored and misshapen.  An early fluoride intervention by Dr. Lou Shuman might have spared this character actor a lifetime of homages like this.  On the other hand, his snaggleteeth probably make him ideal for Coen Brothers movies like “The Big Lebowski” and “Fargo.”



The Material Girl has plenty of loot, but still refuses to bridge the gap between her two front incisors.  For the male version, see also her “Body of Evidence” co-star, Willem Dafoe.

Emma Thompson

Yes, another Brit.  Are you surprised?  Ms. Thompson is a brilliant actress, a terrific screenwriter and a (seemingly) all-around swell chick, but her pearly whites could have used a little more wiggle room in the front row.

Morgan Freeman

Everyone loves Morgan Freeman, but his snaggleteeth had to be driving Miss Daisy crazy.  You’d think the man who makes Batman his gadgets could figure out an overbite…

Kirsten Dunst

Now really.  There’s no excuse here.  She became famous for her bite (“Interview with a Vampire,” ahem) at age 12, so Dunst clearly chose not to straighten her teeth – which doesn’t make her a bad person, but does land her on this list.

Woody Harrelson

Harrelson has played serial killers, dirty cops, cuckolded husbands and Larry Flynt.  I’m guessing teeth are the least of his problems, but his set of chompers is a doozy.  This famed stoner has probably done his dental health no favors with a hefty indulgence in bud.

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