The Five Most Bizarre Ways to Lose Weight

Some people are just desperate or crazy enough to try just anything to lose weight. Because of the different weight loss ways available today, people do not know what works and what doesn’t so they try it anyway. Some of these products or practices may be just plain hilarious or painful enough that it might work, while others are just too dangerous to even try.

1.  A comfy way to lose weight

waff bag

The Waff Bean bag is a new innovation that promises weight loss by just sitting on it. The mechanism behind it is that it provides an unstable surface that allows your abdominal muscles to twist and move, thus burning calories. I personally do not dig the product, however it does seem pretty inviting if you are lazy and want to lose weight. This is probably the comfiest way to shed off the extra pounds (if it really works).

2.   Chewing the pounds away


There are a lot of weight loss munchies available today; weight loss bars, weight loss candies, and now a weight loss gum. Nutra-Trim gum claims that it can help increase metabolism and control food cravings because of its main ingredients namely: L-Carnitine, Chromium, and green tea. This is another weight loss product for those who are too lazy to go to the gym.

3. Tongue piercing

Nikolas Chugay, a cosmetic surgeon based in California had been recommending tougue piercing to his clients as a way of losing weight. Chugay further claims that this procedure allows you to lose 20 pounds in one month. The concept is actually pretty obvious. Patients have their tongue pierced, and the pain from the procedure refrain them from eating solid foods and foods of large quantity. This is definitely a painful way to lose weight.

4. Sniffing your way to weight loss



This product called Sinus Buster is originally intended for unclogging sinuses. However, because of the power of Cayenne Pepper and Licorice Root it allows you to instantly reduces appetite, improve blood circulation, and increase the metabolism. All of these body reactions happen because of the natural heat component in any pepper called the Capsaicin. Personally, I would lose my appetite if I were to try this very hot nasal spray as well. Also, I would think nothing else but a glass of milk as my 911.

5. Worms for dinner


Who would like to go home for dinner and find egg worms on their dinner plates? That would be horrible, but do you know that some people in HongKong eats egg worms to lose weight? These eggs hatched into larvae and eventually grow to adult Ascaris worms. The goal is to allow the worms to eat up all excess food we take in. The HongKong Department of Health however had been advising their citizens to stop this dangerous practice; having parasitic worms in the belly can cause dysentery, stomach pain, headache, and in worst cases, even death. It may be true that worm infestation could cause weight loss (worm infested people have thin bodies but large tummies), however the thought that there is a creepy crawling thing in the stomach makes me want to puke. This weight loss method is nothing but DISGUSTING.

Though some of these methods may be crazy enough to really work, you need to consider if this program is safe or not. Don’t be afraid to explore on other bizarre weight loss ways, who knows, that could be the answer to your prayers.

Post by Myln. Weight loss is a big industry, so people have been formulating ways to take the shortcut. If you are one of the desperate ones who would want to lose weight, you need to set realistic weight loss goals watch your diet and exercise regularly.

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