The Terraria Crafting Guide

Terraria Crafting

Terraria is a pretty much Minecraft resurrected; it’s a two-dimensional game which scrolls across the game landscape with only a section of the map under observation through your computer screen. The interface is pretty similar too, however Terraria may have similarities with Minecraft but it is not the same game. Terraria revolves around exploring your world, digging, building, fighting and most of all, Terraria crafting.

To summarize Terraria as a game you have:

  • a random game map complete with mushroom forests, caves, hell worlds, underground jungles, swamps and much more to explore and work;
  • Multiplayer capability, especially online;
  • Twenty different mobs to join and three underworld mob bosses; and
  • Dozens of items to craft from simple doors and furniture through to “hi-tech” (for Terraria) weaponry and potions.

To be successful at Terraria you have to understand the principles behind crafting. Good crafting is essential as you will run into the opposition and your technical skill is going to count for more than simple numbers.

Here is our guide to Terraria:

1. Buy the Game from Steam – $9.99

Download Terraria from Steam – cost is $9.99 and install the game on your account (if you don’t have one yet, set one up – it’s free).

2. Configure Terraria Game Settings

Go into the settings menu and configure the game:

  1. Select Full Screen/Windowed – you can now switch between the two (otherwise Windowed is the default setting and restricts you);
  2. Adjust resolution to suit;
  3. Cursor color set – red is  the default color but this is hard to see sometimes;
  4. Volume – sound is default set to 100% and music to 75% – adjust to suit;
  5. Controls – set the game controls how you want them;
  6. Parallax – recommend you leave this on default, it adjusts how the background moves; and
  7. Frame Skip On & Off – default is Frame On, but suggest you set to allow switching between the two.

3. Create Your Character

Go to the main menu and select Single Player – create your game character and customize to suit. Give your character a name and select Save.

4. Click on Your Character and Create Terraria World Map

Recommended you select Small – going for the Large map is not recommended.

5. Play the Game


You’re now in Terraria and you have a series of day and night time actions. You spend the day working, but you also have to prepare for the night when zombies and other assorted nasties come out to play. The first action is to collect wood – this is the basic raw material you are going to need. Select the copper axe in your inventory and aim the cursor at the base of a tree – hold the left mouse button to chop it down (keep your finger on it). Collect 100 units of wood (logs).

6. Build a House

You have your wood now build a house – click the cursor on the ground to place tiles – now you are more secure and ready to start Terraria crafting, the key to the game.

Terraria Crafting Guide

In your house, go to the – at the bottom left is your crafting control screen. The first thing to craft is a workbench – finish that and put it in your house. Now you are ready to craft more complex items – stand your character next to the workbench and open up the inventory screen to see the options.

After the workbench, arm yourself – craft you’re a wooden sword for defense and a wooden hammer to help with more work projects.

Next craft two doors for your house and use the Copper Axe again to chop out eh holes where the doors will fit. Doors are placed by left-clicking on the ground where they are to be situated.

Go and kill some slimes – you collect the gel they leave behind – use the gel to make torches to provide home illumination.

Next craft chairs and a table and group them together – these will attract people such as nurses, arms sellers and traveling merchants. When you get established, you can build more houses to keep these characters in your vicinity (they are known as NPCs).

By now, night will be coming – look at the moon – if it is Blood Red, you are in danger – barricade yourself in the house by putting blocks in front of the doors.

Let’s hope you make it through the night!

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