Top 10 Superhero Costumes

Superhero costumes are colorful by necessity,; after all, we’re not talking real-life fashion here! So here’s a list of what I feel to be the 10 best superhero costumes of all time.

10. Luke Cage


The chain around Cage’s waist is what sets him apart, symbolizing his prison days. Perhaps it also subliminally refers to the long ago days of slavery? Actor Nicholas Coppola (National Treasure) took his screen name from the black superdude.

9. Dr. Fate


Fate’s helmet covers his entire head save for the eye-holes. Like Spider-man , it keeps Fate’s identity secret and muffles his voice.

8.The Shadow


The template for a lot of future costumes (especially Batman’s), the cloak, slouch hat and red scarf all combine with the piercing eyes to make a modern-day boogeyman.

7. Bulletman


One of Captain Marvel’s cronies at Fawcett, this hero’s headgear gives him the power of flight as well as being aerodynamically shaped. The T-shirt and jodphur boots get-up was used a lot in those days, so the “bullet hat” was what set him off from the rest.

6. Spider-man



Like Edna Mode said in “Incredibles”, capes are more trouble than they’re worth. So kudos to Spidey for not wearing them. And those one-way mirror eyepieces are a stroke of genius! (as well as adding a touch of creepiness)

5. Captain Marvel


As said in “Our Gods Wear Spandex” Cap’s threads are more dignified than Superman’s undies. Marvel wears a uniform for a costume, and his short white cape doesn’t give as much trouble as a regular one.

4. Batman


A year after Superman, Batman had the first true superhero costume variation. The pointy-eared cowl and batwing-shaped cape point back to ancient totemic animal costumes.

3. Wonder Woman


The only female on the list. Her costume is still head and shoulders above her sisters’ garb, while showing the way for future supergals to flaunt what they got!

2. Plastic Man


Plas’ stretchable costume also scores points for minimalism, but it’s those wicked shades that gives him class in a world overrun with masks, cowls and helmets. Proving real style never goes out of date.

1. Iron Man


Costumes are supposed to hide a hero’s real identity and give him some sort of character. But Tony Stark’s armor is different: it gives him his superpowers! Besides keeping his damaged heart beating, there’s literally no Iron Man without that costume. Clothes DO make the superhero here!

by Terry Bingham

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