Top 10 Best Expensive Watch Manufacturers

Top 10 Companies That Manufacture Expensive Watches

Nothing speaks style like a beautiful, expensive and classy watch on a person’s wrist. Even though people use their cell phones and other handheld devices to tell time these days, nothing can take away the popularity of a wristwatch. Every year, newer watches are manufactured by the top watch-making houses. The top 10 expensive watches that are worth a look are mentioned here.

1. Rolex Watches


Rolex is probably the best known and most reputed names in the world of luxury watches. Rolex has something for everyone; waterproof watches for the deep-sea diver, and classy dress watches for the black-suited corporate achiever. The price range for Rolex watches start at a few thousand dollars and go on to nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Rolex is to watches what the Rolls Royce is to cars. Rolex ranks number 71 in the 2007 annual list of the 100 most valuable global brands in the BusinessWeek. Rolex produces more than 2000 watches a day.

2. Tag Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer watches are famous for their finish and admirable quality. Impeccable accuracy and craftsmanship have put these watches, founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, on the list of must-haves for fashionistas and sports people. Tag Heuer watches are preferred by automobile racers, for their accuracy on speedy races. Tag Heuer also manufactures stopwatches and timing equipment.

3. Vacheron Constantin Watches

Vacheron Constantin is a name that is synonymous with the best of Swiss horology. Incepted in 1755, Vacheron Constantin crafts special watches to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. Watches with intricate mechanisms, and retro watches that speak of years gone by are Vacheron Constantin specialties.  Napoleon Bonaparte and many famous historical figures throughout the world’s history from 1755 have worn Vacheron Constantin watches.

4. Girard Perregaux Watches

Girard Perregaux is one of the oldest Swiss watch companies. They design some of the best, most intricate timepieces that speak of consistent quality. Girard-Perregaux can date its origins back to 1791. Girard-Perregaux manufactures all aspects of its timepieces inhouse; they hire watchmakers, movement decorators, engineers, polishers and so on to create the high quality watches from the assembly stage to the final encasement, inhouse.

5. Roger Dubuis Watches

Roger Dubuis watches was founded in 1995, and since then, they have created great looking and excellent functioning watches based on tradition, with an eye to the future. Roger Dubuis manufacturers watch for men, women, sports people, all bearing excellent movement, strong personality and recognizable identity codes. Even though this company is recent, Roger Dubuis has carved a niche for itself as a status watch symbol. Roger Dubuis makes only 28 examples of each precious metal encasing watch, to maintain exclusivity.


6. Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe watches are of excellent Swiss make, offering, top-notch quality timepieces that are exclusive and one of a kind. People belonging to royal families, and movie stars and show biz celebrities prefer wearing Patek Philippe watches. Patek Philippe manufactures all elements of its timepieces inhouse. Their timepieces have seen high closing prices in auctions worldwide. The Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva stocks timepieces that are no longer being manufactured, as a testament to the history of the company.

7. Cartier Watches

Cartier is a household name in the jewelry market, but its diverse line of watches is just as well known and reputed. Louis-Francois Cartier established Cartier in 1847. Cartier is famous for its jeweled watches studded with diamonds, sapphires and precious stones. Cartier watches are much sought after by movie stars, fashionistas and show biz people worldwide, as they represent glamour, fashion and royalty in watches.

8. Franck Muller Watches

Franck Muller watches have been around for a couple of decades, serving a niche luxury watch clientele comprising of famous movie stars, royalty and other celebrities. These watches are reputed for blending modern style with traditional Swiss craftsmanship. The company is known for creating complicated timepieces, earning the slogan “Master of Complications”. Frank Muller claims to design every watch’s mechanism by himself, which adds to the exclusivity of this line.

9. Jaeger LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is considered a pioneer in the watch making industry since 1833. Jaeger-LeCoultre supplies watch parts and movements to other famous watch companies in Switzerland. Jaeger-LeCoultre is especially famous as the creator of the Atmos mechanical clock, which does not need to be wound. This clock can run for years without human intervention, using atmospheric changes to update its time.

10. Omega Watches

In 1848, Louis Brandt assembled pocket watches by hand, using parts that were designed locally. Omega as a brand became well known from 1894. Omega watches are today a style statement, preferred by celebrities worldwide. NASA chose Omega watches for their deployment to the Moon in 1969. Omega was also chosen as the official Time Keeping device for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

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16 Responses to Top 10 Best Expensive Watch Manufacturers

  1. You are way Wrong man! The list does not make any sense. Patek Philippe is the Rolls Royce among all the watch brands and Rolex is just a Mercedes Benz. It is not even the world top ten watch brands. Roles is nowhere near Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

  2. hans wtf are you talking about it?

    rolex and Mercedez benz is/are the standard for success… what is patek phillppe? never heard it of it… here in New york city we wear.. salvatore ferragamo shoes, rolex and drive benz.. go somewhere else with your VC AP AND J AND COULTR

    • Lawyer: Here in New York (where I was born, raised, and live) Rolex is what you wear when you want people to think you’re a success and don’t know any better. If you do know better, and you’re truly a success, you’re wearing a Patek, A. Lange & Sohne, Glashutte Original, Breguet, Vacheron Constantin or an Audemars Piguet.

      You’re really a lawyer? Don’t you have to have better written language skills to get though law school?

  3. the lawyer is dumb

    This is the worst list I’ve ever seen. Tag Heuer? Maybe if you’re a inner-city highschooler on a budget. What does someone who sells wall clocks know about fine watches anyway?

    “the Lawyer” is a fucking idiot. Maybe one day you will grow out of your juvenile taste in shoes, watches and cars and will actually be able to afford something tasteful.

  4. Pankkaj Srivastava

    need the rolex in best price

  5. rolex is the best

  6. Hans and others are of course correct. @ the Lawyer; you’re clearly not familiar with the fine watch industry, so why are you commenting with such vigor. You could state your favourite watch, but the facts remain. This top ten list is preposterous.

  7. You should be embarrassed.

  8. This is so very very wrong. Clearly ListGuy is completely ignorant of fine watches

    I highly recommend to delete this page, read this:
    then actually start to learn something about watches and make a new or leave it be.

  9. ROLEX is very very good and very nice

  10. Why is Rolex and Tag on the top two,,,those aren’t even on the same level as top tier…

    Should be
    1) Patek Philippe
    2) Vacheron Constantin
    3) Audemars Piguet
    4) Breguet
    5) Blancpain
    6) Jaeger LeCoultre
    7) IWC
    8) Piaget
    9) Girard-Perregaux
    10) Rolex

    If you don’t know any of the brands, that just mean you are ignorant and all you know is Rolex

    • Good list minus rolex, it is mid level luxury. No seriously wealthy person would wear a rolex to impress someone. It would actually make them look like a Vegas gambler who got lucky. It is a vuctnofmits own success.

    • I would drop Rolex off the list and slot Ulysse Nardin in at number 8 – maybe higher. Also, I would also shift IWC up the list purely because of watch complexity. I think your top 3 is spot on though.

  11. Whew if you don’t know shut up – at least. I know a little but what I know is Rolex and Tag are street brands (good watches but no where in the league of Vincent list. By no stretch even. I would take the Rolex off the list period. My only controversial statement is Tag and Rolex are same standard. Just like Patek and Constantine are pretty much the same. It is like the guy with 10 billion and the guy with 12 billion. No real difference at that level despite the difference of 2 billion.

  12. Revisited list:
    Why is Rolex and Tag on the top two,,,those aren’t even on the same level as top tier…
    Should be
    1) Patek Philippe
    2) Vacheron Constantin
    3) Audemars Piguet
    4) Breguet
    5) Blancpain
    6) Jaeger LeCoultre
    7) IWC
    8) Parmigiani Fleurier
    9) Girard-Perregaux
    10) Piaget
    If you don’t know any of the brands, that just mean you are ignorant and all you know is Rolex.

    I put Rolex previously to show the contrast of what people thinks, TAG and Rolex won’t even stand up to brands like Hubolt or Franck Muller, TAG or Rolex is day to day mid level luxury( some TAGs are cheap I would say), not to be put on top ten list.

  13. Great list. I like the Omega best.