Top 10 Car Cleaning Products

With spring officially now here it’s time to get that car looking its best ready for the summer!

Whether you want to do some cruzin’, touring or just pop to the relatives BBQ – make sure you get that car gleaming! And to help you make your way through the huge array of car care products available we’ve compiled a top ten of our favourite products here at Passion Automotive.

10. Kent Car Care Washing/Hose Kit

Straight in a number 10 we’ve got the Kent Car Care Washing and Hose Kit. Make your life just that bit easier with this car hose attachment kit which includes a great selection of cleaning accessories designed to help you clean your car effortlessly – spray squeegee, trigger operated water gun with sprinkle, conventional, flat spray and jet spray functions, flow through car brush and hose attachment are all included – these super products are definitely not for watering the roses with!

9. Renovo Soft Top Convertible Canvas Hood Cleaner

It’s definitely time to get the convertible out – but just in case you get caught in a short sharp shower make sure you get that hood looking its best with Renovo’s Soft Top Convertible Hood Cleaner! Great for removing any dirt or stains this fab product will also help to increase the life expectancy of your hood.

8. Autoglym Fast Glass Car Window Cleaner Polish

Get those windows sparkling with this spray on Car Window Cleaning Polish. It leaves a smear free finish so you’ll be able to get a clearer view of those summer sights – trip to the beach anyone?

7. Meguiars Gold Class bug and Tar Remover

Warmer weather means more bugs about! Don’t let them make a mess of your paintwork and bumper with this great product. Simply spray on to remove sticky bugs and insects with ease.

6. Mer Hybrid Wax

This fabulous new wax has been created from a hybrid formulation of resins, waxes and polymers. It’s made to professional grade standards but is easy enough to apply that anyone can achieve fantastic results with it. And with the finish lasting for up to six months you can spend more time relaxing and less polishing.


5. Muc Off Ultimate Car Wheel Cleaning Kit

Keep those alloys gleaming with this – the Ultimate package of wheel cleaning products! You’ll be able to achieve a showroom finish with this complete kit of cleaning products and accessories.

4. Smartcarpet Heavy Duty Car Upholstery Cleaner

Let’s not forget the interior of your car too needs some loving too!  This heavy duty upholstery cleaner is ideal for removing all those stubborn spots and stains that it’s so easy to accumulate. In one easy step you’ll be able to remove odours, dirt and grease and be left with a fresh clean fragrance. It’s suitable for all your upholstered interior surfaces including carpets, upholstery, seats and headlining – try this and you’ll feel you’ve had a valet round!

3. Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Car Wax

For extreme protection and unbelievable shine this is the product to use. Harnessing superior polymer technology this versatile wax can be used on both wet and dry paintwork to leave a deep gloss finish. It can eliminate fine scratches and also comes with a free Meguiars application pad.

2. Mer Super Advanced Car Wash Shampoo 1 Litre

Here at Passion Automotive we love this car shampoo. Simply wash on and off for great results without damage to your paintwork. Try it today – because your car’s worth it!

1. Traditional Best Quality Chamois Leather

And at number one is the traditional chamois leather! Loved by motorists across the globe the humble chamois leather is, we feel, the ultimate car cleaning product. Perfect for drying your car after washing it’ll soak up any residual water and remove any remaining dirt too while also reducing the chance of water marks and streaks giving you a fabulous shine time after time.

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