Top 10 Craziest Marketing Campaigns

Money splashed here, there and everywhere. Consumer based products shoved in our faces; the world of marketing campaigns can often be a repetitive and not-at-all interesting, but there are some exceptions – and here they are in an easy to digest list.

Chevrolet Volt

Americans are often criticised for spending big bucks on advertising campaigns in poor economic climates – like the one we’re currently in. And while it is probably worldwide agreed that there should be some form of a limit on what they can spend, when you see campaigns like this, you can’t help but applaud them.

Chevrolet has cleverly placed a massive charging lead from what looks like a socket at the side of the building to the electric Volt car. It’s fantastic in every single way, and it certainly appeals to consumers on a humour and functional level.

Oldtimer restaurant

The Austrians have McDonald’s, they have KFC and it would be surprising if they didn’t have Pizza Hut, too. But what they have and what most other countries in the world don’t is the Oldtimer chain of restaurants.

This ad campaign shows the lengths that companies will go to just to acquire brand recognition. Everyone will love it, but is it not a bit off-putting for the drivers? Does it make driving through the tunnel a more difficult proposition just because of the distraction?

Spiderman 2

Everyone loves Spiderman. His boyish charm, his spider-like, slightly freakish powers and his everlasting struggle with love are what make the movies so watchable. But when ad companies start creating fantastic campaigns that make visiting a toilet exciting, then you’ve got to appreciate it even more.

You’ll love the imagination with this one – Let’s just hope the plumber did a good job of fitting the pipes.

Maker’s Mark whiskey

3D is everywhere at the moment. If it’s not in TVs, it’s in the cinema, if it’s not in games consoles, then it’s in Nuts magazine. And while the technology is very impressive it’s not quite as exciting as a static 3D ad campaign that depicts a massive whiskey bottle being poured into a big truck tanker.

The Maker’s Mark whiskey not only looks as if it’s genuinely being poured, but with the 3D effect and the real tanker, it makes this campaign very believable.



A popular form of advertising is bus posters. They usually show something about cancer or a campaign for budding bus drivers, but this one might just take the biscuit. This Indian bus shows two Duracell batteries seemingly integral to the rear of the bus – as if they are powering this people carrier.

Now, electric power was becoming popular, granted, but this is ridiculous.


You’ll laugh when you see this one and you’ll probably ask if it was real. Everyone has heard about propaganda before, but this is bordering on taking the mick. Surely the government doesn’t need support so bad that it is forcing us to agree with its actions via a pedestrian aid.

From car finance to economics, the government is struggling to keep us afloat, and it would be great if everyone happily pressed no and continued on their route that didn’t involve crossing the road just to ensure we all did our bit.

Volkswagen Polo

VW has always been innovative when it comes to advertising its newest models, and this one is no exception. A few concrete blocks and a strategically placed VW Polo later and you have an ad campaign that catches attention and relays a message all in one.

Urinal car

Do you know what this ad is actually promoting? Is it saying everytime you miss the urinal a car crashes? Or is it saying your penis is forcing cars to crash into toilets all over the globe? Whatever it is, it gets you thinking.

Spam car

What can be better than Spam? Well, Spam on wheels, obviously! A Spam truck is something everyone has all dreamt about before, right? The colour is good, Spam is visible and the truck is smiling – great!

Kids will love it, adults will love it and the elderly will probably complain, but still, it is a cleverly designed truck that definitely gets your attention.

Hip-hop Ronald

What could make McDonald’s better? Perhaps cheaper food, a healthier menu and more choice would work? No, it wouldn’t work, and it’s all because of this Japanese ad campaign. Who wants low-fat food when you can have a hip-hop Ronald McDonald pimping out your local Maccies?

All you need now is the Hamburglar to start breakdancing and the world will rejoice.

Submitted by: Oliver Archibald,

This article was produced on behalf of CarFinance247 – specialists in providing car loans throughout the UK.

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  1. :))) i can’t stop my self from laughing ..the one with spiderman is the best ideea.great article