Top 10 Halloween Costumes

10.  Sexy Fireman:


I don’t know what it is about firemen, but they just get to me.  They seem so brave and strong, yet compassionate.  Yes guys, women love firemen!  If you are a guy that wants to start just as many fires as he puts out you should try dressing up in a super sexy version of a fireman for Halloween.  I can think of a few firemen that I would love to come and “rescue” me.  This smoking hot look is going to cause a few fire alarms to go off, trust me.

9.  Housewife:

sexy housewife

Even if you aren’t from Orange County or New Jersey, this costume idea is a fun look for big girls that want to make some fun out of something that is a bit “desperate”. This sexy version of a housewife is a tongue and cheek parody that mimics the outrageous characters that mesmerize so many via television each week.   A handy spatula and a Cosmopolitan will complete your hilarious and very sexy housewife look.

8.  Minnie or Mickey Mouse:

minnie mouse

Classic Minnie or Mickey is a tried and true Halloween favorite.  These easily recognizable characters have been around for years and loved by all ages for good reason.   Minnie Mouse can be everything from a sweetly adorable look for a child or if you are a bigger girl there are many sexier versions available that recreate this look in anything but mousey fashion.   Even guys can have some fun “mousing around” in a Mickey Mouse costume.  These classic costume styles are always going to be a great choice for Halloween.

7.   Buzz Lightyear:


Buzz Lightyear is as popular now as ever as he continually seems to soar into infinity and beyond.  His character is quirky as well as unmistakably spacey.  His flight suit as well as his jet pack is fully loaded with gizmos and widgets to successfully complete most any imaginary space mission, including the mission of neighborhood trick or treating.  Your personal quest may be as simple as having a complete blast off recreating this wildly popular character this Halloween.

6.   Baby Gorilla:

baby gorilla

Your little monkey will be the hit of the trick-or-treating brigade in this adorable miniature gorilla suit.  Your friends will go bananas over this positively precious little costume.  The hat will not only frame your babies face in the most charming way, but the entire outfit will also keep your baby snuggly warm and bundled up against the chilly autumn air of Halloween.

5.  Pit Crew:


pit crew girl

Gentlemen– start your engines–indeed.  This costume is all about fast cars and fast women!  This adorable pink “Pit Crew” costume is not for the timid.  It is not only eye-catching but is also very sexy.   Men love car racing and you are bound to get lots of male attention in this bright pink, racy and very hot pit crew get-up.   Your man will be begging for a pit stop as well as waving the checkered flag to hurry you on to the finish line!

4.  Pirates:

sexy pirate woman

In recent years, pirate characters have been newly popularized by movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean.  Whether you are a sexy swashbuckler looking very curvaceous in this peasant style dress or a really ghastly and frightening version of the ghostly Barnacle Bill, a dramatic pirate look is bound to create many opportunities for Halloween fun that won’t send you on a walk down the plank.

3.   Alice In Wonderland Characters:

alice in wonderland

Once again a movie has renewed interest in classic characters.  I love the idea of putting a group of friends together and each dressing up as a different character from Alice In Wonderland.   The Mad Hatter can be created in traditional fashion with his top hat and cravat, or you could go all out with the bright orange hair and pale face of Tim Burton’s movie version of the Hatter, recently recreated by Johnny Depp.  Alice is a simple classic look with long blonde hair and a light blue puffy and ruffled dress.  The Queen of Hearts is a dramatic look for the boldest member of your Halloween party group.

2.  Indiana Jones:

indiana jones

Even after all these years, Indiana Jones still personifies the ultimate man.  He’s just the right combination of brains and brawn.   There is a little vulnerability found in his intoxicating sweet streak.  It seems every girl has had a crush on sexy Indy.  Dressing up as this hot archaeologist for Halloween is a smart move, guys—if you are Indy for a night you might just be the perfect man.  What could be better than that?  Well, if you’re a George Lucas fan in general, then perhaps dressing up as a Star Wars character is more up your alley. Heck, when it comes to George Lucas movies, there are hordes of famous movie characters to pick from.

1.  Avatar:

avatar woman

This year’s highest grossing movie left moviegoer’s spellbound by its special effects and rich characters.  Dressing up as one of the peaceful Na’vi people will be a dramatic costume choice that will not go unnoticed by anyone at your Halloween party.  The blue-skinned characters are not only very recognizable, but are surprisingly sexy considering that you will spend the evening donning the color of a bright blue smurf.   If you are up for this much “look” you are bound to be the highlight of any Halloween event you attend.

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