Top 10 Hallween Costumes for 2010

Adult costume trends for Halloween 2010 focus on the celebrity. From reality stars, to pop stars, to members of a certain company who are responsible for a recent environmental disaster, party-goers want to dress like people who are instantly recognizable – and you don’t have to be a fashion professional to accomplish this goal. Some costumes are classics and will be repeated for decades, but there’s nothing worse than the dreaded, “What are you supposed to be?” question.  Let’s break down the Top 10 (grown-up) costume ideas that don’t require the use of a textbook or overly-active imagination.

10. Twilight characters

Twilight costumes

Whether you’re Team Jacob, Team Edward, or Team Please Get This Skinny Pale Kid Outta My Face, the Twilight series us undeniably popular. If you’re feeling more like a Werewolf, make sure to hit the gym a couple weeks before your shirtless debut. If you’re a member of the Cullen clan, dark clothing and a coat of glitter on your skin should do the trick. Staring creepily at passersby always helps too.

9.  Avatar


This one isn’t as simple. This one takes dedication and the willingness to go a whole night with your face painted blue. Those who have an artistic flair could make a costume out of a leotard and tights, but pre-made costumes can also be found in various locations.

8. “Sexy” anything


This is probably the easiest costume choice there is. Take an average costume (i.e. cat, cop, cowgirl, etc.), cut off half of the fabric, add heels. Voila, you’re sexy. A little too sexy.

7. Classic Horror characters


Jason, Freddy Krueger, Regan from The Exorcist – they’re all well-known, and all relatively easy to create. The more fake blood, the merrier.

6. “Couples” costumes


Share your love and your commitment to one another by donning compatible costumes. You can take the easy (read: boring) way and go for something timeless like Romeo and Juliet, or you can think outside the box a bit and take on a quirkier couple like Juno and Bleeker. Just make sure you’re getting along that day – no one wants to see Sonny and Cher fighting.


5. The Cast of Glee


Rock a track suit and carry a bullhorn like Sue Sylvester, or wear knee-high socks and an ugly cat sweater like Rachel Berry. Whichever character you choose to be, your costume will surely be a hit thanks to the popularity of the show. Breaking out into impromptu musical numbers is a plus.

4. Justin Bieber


With this one, it’s all about the hair. A short , light brown wig is essential, but pushing the bangs forward is key. Add a hoodie, skinny jeans and trendy sneakers, and there you go. Note: take the look to another level by mastering the Bieb head shake.

3.  BP employee


Take this one any way you want. One idea is to wear a jumpsuit splashed with “oil” while carrying around a fake dead fish. It may not be pretty, but it’s sure to get a reaction. Make sure to have your lawyer on stand-by.

2. Lady Gaga


This costume will allow for a lot of creative freedom. Basically anything can be Gaga these days – from the “Just Dance” lightning bolt across the eye, to the VMA Meat Dress. Whatever you wear, own it – Gaga doesn’t half-ass anything.

1.  Jersey Shore


This costume is so popular this year that mass-produced versions can be found in Party stores, and even in Walmart. Making the costume at home is probably cheaper, and isn’t hard to do. The formula for Snooki = Bump-It + Aqua Net + blue eyeshadow + self-tanner + frosted lips. The Situation = hair gel + self-tanner + sunglasses (preferably indoors) + a tank top + six-pack abs (natural or air brushed). Now go and get your GTL on.

When you’re an adult, Halloween excitement becomes less about your sweet tooth, and more about your desire to impress your friends and co-workers with your dazzling creativity and, sometimes, sheer balls. Take the time to put a personal stamp on the night and make October 31, 2010 one for the record books.

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