Top 10 iPhone Apps that will Improve your Life!

A lot of people own an iPhone these days. We’re in an era where the Mobile phone users can be split into 2 factions, Apple users and non-Apple users. That’s how popular Apple is nowadays .Well if you can’t beat them, why not join them? It’s an intelligent decision to switch to the iPhone not only because of its design and interface. But also because of the potential cost- savings you can enjoy if you switch to one. Some apps on the list will help you save on your hand phone bills because it can lower your SMS usage and talk time too! This is a list of apps that has made an impact on all iPhone users around the world.

10) Dropbox

Numerous apps allow you to transfer content between your computer and your device, but Dropbox is free and more user-friendly   than most of its counterparts. Dump files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and Dropbox will allow you to access them, download them for viewing.It really helps to synchronize the stuff you have on your PC , laptop and your iPhone .

9) Truphone

Making international calls can be very expensive, so Truphone was created to give users free calls to skype, Truphone and Google Talk users!  No matter where you are or which country you’re calling.This site gives a detailed description and review of this application.

8) Pandora

Pandora is a real treat for all music lovers out there! It allows you to create a PERSONALIZED radio station . How does it do that? It learns your taste of music by the ratings that you give songs that they play, gradually adjusting and playing more songs to suit the genre that you like ! You can create up to a 100 different stations playing many different genres. With the iPhone 4, you can listen to Pandora no matter what app you’re using , so long it doesn’t need audio.

7)  To Do List

If you’re the forgetful sort that will try your best to remember something but still completely forget about it in the end, this app will probably save your ass more than once.  It notes down your appointments in a systematic and easy-to-view manner. It’s free too!


6) Hipstapaks

This cool iPhone app offers a variety of lenses, flashes and film for what will seem like an infinite combination of outcomes. You can upload photos to Facebook or Flickr within the app itself. The moment you launch the app , your screen transforms into something like the back of a camera. Synthetic clearly went the extra mile to create a unique app that doesn’t just produce nice results, but is engaging and fun to use before you take the picture itself. It’s definitely worth it to purchase the “Hipstapaks” that contain additional lenses, films and flashes .If you’re a camera lover, this is for you .

5) Facebook

How can we not include Facebook?The new grid-based interface on the home screen provides easy access to the section of choice such as news feed , notifications etc.With almost everyone using Facebook these days , its one way to stay in touch with your friends on the go. No longer do you have to go through the hassle of loging on to the shared computer at work or wait till you get home before you connect with your friends!

4) RunKeeper Free

This app uses the iPhone’s GPS capabilities to track your jogging route,providing mapping and details of pace and approximate calories burned all in one screen. This app outclasses Nike+system in almost every way except for  the integration with iPhone’s iPod functionality. So if you’re considering burning off a few calories , this is your best friend.

3) Whatsapp

This instant messaging application can help you shave a few dollars off your handphone bill each month if you use it to message your friends who have the app too . You’ll be surprised by how many of your friends actually use this app! The interface doesn’t lose to that of the normal messaging function of the iPhone but in addition, it tells you when your friends are online and when they’re not. Also, since it’s completely free, you can simply send as many messages without squeezing it all into 1 message which is kinda irritating at times.

2) PingChat !

This app will help you and your bunch of friends stay connected with each other. It is a group messaging service that allows all your friends to enter a single chat room (think of msn) .Not only can you text, you can send pictures and videos to all your friends via a few simple steps. Best of all, its free!

1) Yelp!

With this app, you can always find whatever you need whenever you need it. By determining your location via GPS, it can locate the nearest restaurant, bank, drugstore etc. With Yelp! You will never have to ask strangers for directions and hope they point you in the right way ever again!

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