Top 10 Road Trip Car Games

Going on a road trip is one of the most iconic ways to see America and there is a lot of it to see! With thousands of miles of highway to explore you’ll need something to pass the time while you journey to the next iconic landmark. Here is a list of some of the best travel games for those of all ages to make that long journey a bit easier.

1. The Grocery Game

The aim of this game is to remember a grocery item starting with each letter of the alphabet, so you would start with ‘Today I went to the grocery store and I bought…’ Starting with something beginning with A e.g. apples, then the next player would repeat the phrase and say apples and then another item beginning with B and so on around the players, until someone gets  one wrong! You can play this game with any subject like movies, animals or brands.

2. I Spy

The classic travel game that everyone knows how to play, ‘I spy with my little eye, something that begins with S!’ But you have to make sure that the thing you spot is in view for a few minutes as otherwise your travelling companions will have no chance of finding the answer.

3. Count the…

A great one for little ones, one person has to announce the objects/creatures that have to be counted, e.g. cows, telephone poles, and signs. The person with the most after a couple of minutes is the winner.

4. Name that tune

This can either be played using someone’s music player or the radio or you could even hum the songs and the other players have to guess the song name and artist.

5. Tunnel

This one is a childhood favourite of mine and lots of fun! When travelling in the car through a tunnel hold your breath and see if you can make it to the other end, tickle tactics to make your competitors fail are allowed!


6. Spelling Bee

This is a great one for more education savvy parents as it makes spelling fun for all, pick a word then get a player to spell it out. If they get it right they can stay in the game, go around everyone and whoever is the last in the game is the winner!

7. Story-telling

A great way to get some creativity into your car journey, one person starts a story, for example, ‘Once upon a time lived a unicorn….’ then the next person has to carry on the story. It can go on for ages or until the car’s collective creative juices dry up.

8. Find the Vehicle

This game is perfect for car enthusiasts and involves the driver or another player stating the type of car that everyone has to find, it could be the colour, type or manufacturer.

9. The Banana Game

This is similar to ‘Find the Vehicle’ game but involves finding a more elusive yellow coloured vehicle, this may be a school bus, or you may even spot a yellow Ferrari!

10. Who Am I?

This is a great game to play with family and friends as you can pick someone personal that you all know or you could always go for a celebrity. The aim of the game is for you to not say who you are but instead answer yes or no to the barrage of questions posed by other players. You win if you guess correctly who the player is!

Make sure that there are some sort of tasty treats as prizes for each game that you play and make your road trip, wherever your end destination, enjoyable and educational. Click on the links for more information on things to see around the USA in infographic form.

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